2015 EQUIP-Boot Camp What To/Not To Bring

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$25.00 Room Deposit. Send deposit (preferably a check) with your student. It will be placed in a sealed envelope and will be returned to each camper upon clearance of their room at the end of Boot Camp. This Room Deposit is REQUIRED (please do not mail this money to us).

-Camp Photo orders will be taken at the time of check-in. The cost for an 8 x 10 Boot Camp 2015 Photo is $10.00 (please do not mail this money to us).

-Spending money for snacks and any books you may want to purchase in the Resource Center.

-Over-the-counter medications. We cannot dispense any medications.


  • -Bed sheets (twin mattresses)
    -Pillow Case (Pillows provided)
    -Optional Sleeping Bag (Blankets will be provided)
    -Towels & Washcloths

CLOTHING: Dress is Casual.

Recreational clothing & shoes for sports time in the afternoon.

-Some students like to dress up a little more for evening sessions (slacks and or casual skirts)

-Jacket or Sweatshirt (The classrooms and auditorium can get cold at times.)

-All shorts/skirts/dresses must come mid-thigh (fingertip length) or longer. This includes any sports attire.

-No Yoga pants/workout pants that are form fitting. Leggings must be covered with shorts/skirts/dresses.

-No white t-shirts should be worn during sports time.

-No spaghetti-strap tops, tanks, tube tops or cut off t-shirts.

-All clothing must be modest with no cleavage or undergarments visible. Proper undergarments, including bra, must be worn at all times.

-Shirt and shoes should be worn at all times.

Note: Campers will have a chance to do laundry once during camp. Laundry will be limited to badly soiled items and towels/washcloths.

Note: Hanging and drawer space is very limited, so please bring only what you need.

Keep track of your stuff by putting your name on EVERYTHING.

-Bible, Notebook, Pen or Pencil, Colored Pencils/Pens
(If needed, these can be purchased when you arrive.)

-Camera (optional).

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