A Gospel Resurgence?

We (me, you, and everyone) tend to get lost in our own little worlds. It’s easy for me to get so focused on work, family (baseball and softball games, birthday parties, lots of diapers to change, etc), church commitments, and other things to the point that I lose grasp of the present reality. The reality that I’m referring to is that life isn’t really about me at all but the establishing of God’s kingdom. Remember that “stone cut without hands” in Daniel 2 that crushed the statue (the four kingdoms), grew into a mountain, and filled the whole Earth? That’s what it’s all about – the Gospel of the kingdom!

What I see in terms of the bigger picture is a resurgence of the Gospel. What do I mean by that? Well, the Gospel is drawing more focus than at any point I can remember. There are multi-denominational groups forming to draw attention to the Gospel, to keep its message pure. There are church planting networks sprouting up that desire to reproduce Gospel-focused churches. There are scores of books being written on the Gospel, evaluating what is and isn’t the true Gospel as our culture has tried to creep into this timeless, unchanging message. I also see and hear many young people talking about the Gospel and its central importance in life, asking how it can be lived out, and touting its power to save.

I think all of these developments are healthy ones. And don’t get me wrong here. This in no way represents a criticism that all who came before were doing ministry wrong, but I simply believe that the more we cling to the Gospel, speak the Gospel, seek to live the Gospel – the better!

I would like to challenge you to take a step back and survey what God is doing all around us, not just in the specific context of your life. Among all of the stories of oppression, brutality, and poverty we see in the world today, can you see the Gospel working and God’s kingdom being established? The Gospel is doing just what God has said that it would do. Now you may not see it in your own family, city, state, or even nation as you would like, but it’s working!

So take my challenge. Step back a little and ask yourself where the Gospel is working, and share with others here, encouraging your brothers and sisters with the proclamation of God’s kingdom. Has the Gospel won over a friend or family member of yours? Has it brought revival to your church or community? Have you seen God work in another country in ways you never imagined? What’s your story of the work of the Gospel?

Ritchie Johnson
Director, Transform Student Ministries

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Thank you Ritchie for the challenge! I have been praying Philippians 2:3-4 for myself last few weeks – but now I realize I need to add verses 5-11. Even in my frail attempts to put others above myself – I must have the same attitude as Christ!
Appreciate you!


Great post, Ritchie. It is wonderfully undeniable that the gospel is making a huge resurgence in the mind of the Church. I love seeing the work of the pastors and teachers involved in Acts29 and The Gospel Coalition.

A ministry based on the gospel is always going to be more effective than one based on the most solid of man-made strategies. It is also always going to be relevant and not given to the fate of movements which come and go. It is a very exciting time for the church, and I, like you, am loving what God is doing in and through us. I hope we continue to move ourselves out of the way and surrender to this good news.


Amen! Pray that it’ll come to this side of the world as well!

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