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Fatal Distractions: Jealousy

  Jealousy or Envy. We have all felt its heavy bondage at some point. We also know how much chaos it rains down on our lives. It starts with one small seed planted in our hearts, its toxins then release into our thoughts and grows from there into our conversations. Then it happens. We realize more »

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Fatal Distractions: Quickly Tempered

  Often times when I think about anger it is because someone has been angry towards me. Whether or not I did anything to upset them, there are always people around with short tempers. And when I hear teaching on anger, my mind is so quick to recall the people I wish were there to more »

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Hello, I’m a Pharisee

  I stood during the invitation and searched the crowd for my friend. These thoughts raced through my head “I sure hope her heart was open to that message and it convicted her. I wonder if she will go up front and pray. Goodness that message was just for her.” In Luke18, a Pharisee and more »

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Fatal Distractions: It Comes From Where?

  Despite the mandate to Adam, I never have been very good at subduing the earth. My hopeful green thumb turns black faster than Texas grass frays into straw. It always has. But gardening is something I want to get better at, mainly because it’s not something I do well naturally and the scheduling of more »

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Jesus: Our Atonement

Imagine this scene..   The people have constructed the tabernacle according to God’s specific instructions.  The outer court is built.  The inner court is established.  Each piece of furniture is carefully placed in the tabernacle.  The people of Israel gather together on a particular day to offer sacrifices that will cleanse them of their sin.  more »

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Jesus: The Veil Torn

When coming before God in prayer or worship, do you ever wonder if He hears you? As His children, are we truly worthy to enter the throne room of the holy King of kings? These are worthy questions to be asked and, gratefully, the author of Hebrews addresses! Therefore, brothers, since we have confidence to more »

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Worship: Jesus Our High Priest

Almost five years ago, I sat on the stiff carpet in my room just inside the door. It was shut. I had positioned myself so that it would stay that way, even if someone tried to come in. There was a heavy cloud of anxiety pressing down on me as I read part of Hebrews, more »

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Worship: Jesus is the Light

We have passed through the door and eaten at the table of bread so far in our journey through the Old Testament tabernacle. The tabernacle is where the people of God would have gone through the rituals to worship. Over the month on the blog, we have learned we worship what we find worthy. We’ve more »

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Jesus Is the Bread of Life

This month we are looking at the tabernacle and its representation of Jesus. Today, we look at how the table of bread represents Jesus, our bread of life. This is a past post from Precept Ministries International where you can also read it here.   It was at Capernaum where Jesus taught that He is more »

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Worship-The Door

In the first blog of this series on worship, Ashlee introduced you to the fact that worship is really about where you find your worth or in who you find your worth. In the second post, Sarah Beth looked at the tabernacle and how it was built. She also helps us see that because of more »

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