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6 Things to Understand About Patiently “Bearing With Others”

By now, I am sure that you have read from the other blogs about how hard it is to patiently bear with others, including God. However, the concept that I’d like to convey is that patiently bearing with one another has a foundation in Christ and not self-will. It is important to understand that there more »

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The Struggle With Patience

I don’t know about you, but being patient is something I struggle with every day. I recently went on a trip for a week, spending almost every waking moment with other people. I came out on the other side without losing patience, and I counted that a victory. When I succeed in remaining patient I more »

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Waiting and Patience

Are you waiting on something? It seems like we spend our entire lives waiting. We wait at the doctor’s office, wait on our friends to show up, or wait in the interview room. There are a lot of different situations that arise in our lives, but the same thing always seems to happen. We wait, more »

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Opportunity for Patience

The alarm goes off.  I roll out of bed, get ready, grab my breakfast and head out the door to experience what this new day will have for me.  Of course, the events of my day are well-planned out making sure to fill every minute.  Then it happens… opportunities for patience. I hit what seems more »

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Instant Patience

It’s obvious that I live in a society of instant gratification. I easily can get whatever I want…when I want it. Just the other day, I was making popcorn in the microwave and brewing a cup of tea in the Keurig when it hit me…I am a product of my society! I’m too busy to more »

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Pursuing Kindness

  I work with children, and one thing that I find myself repeating on a daily basis is “be kind.”  As I observe and interact with them, I notice that for the most part they need positive reinforcement in the kindness department when it comes to playing with me or other children. It’s something we’ve more »

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Unusual Kindness

I was completely soaked! It was my first semester of college and it was raining cats and dogs. It would have been fine if it had been the weekend, because I could have just stayed inside. But it was not the weekend. It was a Thursday. And on this Thursday, I had my first presentation more »

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Kindness: Fueled By Christ

I hung my head as I watched another debate go down on Facebook. You have seen them right? They spring up over theological issues. People standing up for the “name of Christ” and “His Word.” Yet I wonder how their desire to be right with a lack of kindness shows anything about Christ. While technology more »

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Kindness Compels Me…Us

I remember as a child reading a book called “The Giving Tree.” A simple book about a boy and a tree which personified kindness.  The tree showed its love for the boy by sacrificial kindness. At each phase of the boy’s life, the tree gave him something that he asked for. Whatever the tree gave more »

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An Avalanche of Kindness

Does anybody remember the library VHS stickers that said, “BE KIND. REWIND?” I can’t tell you how many minutes I spent staring at those things in my childhood – in the rows of silent plastic-covered films, on the drive to or from the local library. But no matter how long I stared, I couldn’t figure more »

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