Boot Camp 1, 2013 Day 2

Day 2 has come and gone! It seems that the days at this camp are flying by! We are sure that many of you parents are eager to know what the students have been studying and how they are doing! So I will get straight to the point! First, we want to encourage you in the same way that we have encouraged the students! We have asked them to trust in God’s Word and to wrestle with what the Word will present to them that may conflict with what culture has had us believe!

Camp started yesterday morning with prayer in the courtyard where we encouraged them and prayed over them! After breakfast, students immediately went into their classrooms and studied from about 9 to 12:45. Yes, that is almost 4 hours! They walked through passages in Genesis 1 and 2 and sought to see how God established marriage in His creation. Man and woman were created and we saw how the purposes that God created this union between man and woman! Naturally, this brought to us to study what God did not design for marriage.

Homosexuality is a hot topic right now in American culture. It is astounding to know how teenagers are so aware of such topics. We wrestled through what the Word had to say about this topic. Wrestling with a topic is good and allows for them to work out their faith! Any questions arise, we encourage them to find them through God’s Word and have faith that God knows what He is doing! We reminded them that walking in a lifestyle that is according to God’s Word will lead to an abundant life in Christ! Many questions went unanswered because we knew that we would be getting to those answers later on this week, however, we encouraged them to trust God in the things they don’t know yet. We encouraged them that when we “don’t know” what we do know is that God does know and therefore we are not God.

How we worshipped that night knowing that God is in control and that we can praise Him for knowing what is best! In main sessions, we have implemented a concept called “prayer triangles.” They get in groups of three and each person will pray over something we give them to pray over. How amazing it is to sit in the auditorium and hear the prayers of these young saints rise to our God! We have been encouraged and we hope that you will be encouraged as well!

Today, we will be hitting another pretty heavy topic on God’s design for the permanence of marriage. One thing we are aware of is that we are all desperately in need of God and that we are all desperately fallible without our Mediator, Jesus Christ. We have encouraged them that everything we are learning this week is not something that they should go out and “Bible thump” but this is for them and for the application of their own lives!

So we ask that you would pray with us! Here are some things that you can pray for:

  • That we can trust in God’s Word for what is true and right
  • Pray that the students will surrender and have a delight in God’s Word while wrestling with it
  • Pray for safety and courage not just in a physical sense but in an emotional and spiritual sense

Our enemy wants nothing more than to confuse saints in order to further his agenda. May it not be!

  • Pray for hearts of worship and sensitivity!
  • Pray for this generation and for the future they will be facing

As always pray for the Transform staff and their teams as they desire to serve these students in the best biblical way possible! We love God and His Word and we desire that all would be established in Him and His Word so that all may live life abundantly!

~Transform Team

Carlotta Brooke Ryan












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