Boot Camp 1, Day 5-2011

God continues to bless bootcamp 1! Yesterday in class, the students completed and discussed lessons 4 (A Solemn Binding Agreement) and 7 (Extending to Descendents) in the Covenant PUP.  The students continue to be more open in the times of discussion and are connecting some very large dots. I’m also encouraged by our teachers. The mentors are giving them good feedback, helping them to refine their teaching skills as they lead, and it seems they are doing well as a group!

Last night in main session we looked at the “walk of death” in Genesis 15. From there we walked through many Old and New Testament passages that pointed to the coming of Christ, His role as the perfect sacrifice and the fact that we share in the inheritance from the Covenant promises all the way back in Genesis! In fact, we have all participated in the walk of death as we have passed through the flesh of Jesus Christ (Hebrews 10:19-22) into relationship with the Father! The takeaway and challenge from the night was to now go and do something…that the Covenant we’re a part of doesn’t exist simply for our personal salvation but for us to become Kingdom builders! And in fact, our lives are not our own any longer, not for those truly in Covenant with Christ!

It was such a blessing to go into the rooms last night. I do room checks on the guys every night and Ashley (my wife) and Brooke do the same with the girls. I’ve never seen so many deep, spirit filled conversations in the rooms as I have the last two nights. God is speaking to these students, and it is overflowing in them!

Here’s a big prayer request. Many of these students are realizing the seriousness of being in a covenant relationship. With that realization some are feeling the weight of their sin, that they haven’t held up their end of the deal. I think this is a natural and healthy place to be. Our desire is that we as a staff not panic and the students not fall into despair, but that the coming few days of focusing on the New Covenent will help them understand that their sin can be dealt with and they can continue to walk in right relationship with God. And that the end result would be a greater sense of Christ in them, the hope of righteousness!

Today is more of our free day. The students are in cless until 12 and then have free time on our campus for several hours. Our cookout and camp activity are tonight, followed by a main session in which we will separate guys and girls.

Pray for:

  • safety during free time and the camp activity
  • that God would speak powerfully to our guys and girls groups tonight
  • for cotinued effort, attention, participation, and transparency in the classroom
  • energy level – we’re over halfway through camp 1, and people are beginning to get tired




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