Boot Camp 1, Day 6-2011

Last night we split up the guys and girls. The girls dealt with issues of morals and standards in the context of young women in a covenant relationship with Christ. We collected questions from the guys here at camp, and after a short challenge to them, we had a panel discussion that went into specific applications/situations that they encounter. What were some of the topics we hit? Lifestyle issues such as alcohol, steroids, and issues of morality to name a few. And the students asked some great questions about sharing the Gospel with people in different stages and conditions in life.

I spent some time in our route three classroom today. This class includes some of our older, returning campers who have shown a willingness to lead others in Bible study. The difference in this class is that they are being led in leadership training. In addition to the Covenant study, they’re taking turns leading discussion and are being introduced to different studies that could serve as a resource to them as they lead other students once home.

Kay will be teaching the next couple of nights in main session, so pray that the Spirit moves powerfully in those times! Almost forgot! We had a student that came to a powerful realization that she had always been trying to live in relationship with God through the law today in class. Our counselors feel this was the day of her salvation. Of course time will tell, but they said the transformation in her was immediate and powerful as she wished to accept Christ as the Lord of her life and the atonement for her sins!

Please pray:

  • that others would come to salvation
  • that the Spirit would help us understand the promises in the New Covenant over the next two days
  • for endurance!



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