Boot Camp 2, Day 2-2011

I’m sorry it took me until now to get a note out about this camp, but suffice it to say that it’s been a crazy few days! Where to start? Camp 1 was great, just really smooth and covered with God’s presence from beginning to end! This camp began a little differently as we’ve had quite a few sick counselors including myself and my entire family. My little girl Hensley (age 5) even swallowed a nickel Saturday night which got stuck in her esophagus! So while our staff finished up orientation yesterday, we spent the day getting an endoscope and having the coin removed, but she’s 100% good to go now!

Other than the health concerns, the enemy has really come at us hard during this time, hitting us with distractions we never encountered the first time around. But you know, no one ever said this would be easy, and if Satan weren’t resisting, then would we really be doing something big? Please pray for our protection both physically and spiritually from the enemy, and pray for the healing of the sick!

I can’t tell you how grateful I am that this camp is such a team effort – my wife Ashley, Brooke, and our camp dads Mark Rykse and Papa Dave (Miller). Not only do we have a team of adult men and women here at all times, but we have an energetic and godly staff of young people, mostly college students, who comprise the rest of our staff. All told, we have almost 40 staff here to work with around 120 campers. That’s because we care about discipleship, about providing a camp where relationships happen and the staff can actually invest into the students they’re surrounded with!

Our first main session last night went well, as we worked through Romans 7 again (same message as camp 1) and challenged the students to set their minds on pursuing the things of the Spirit. The basic idea was to exhort them to feed the Spirit and fight the flesh! Pray for the main sessions, for Stephen Hinkle our worship leader, and for Kay who will be speaking the next few nights.

The students are in classrooms right now, overviewing the covenants they’ll look deeper into the rest of the next week. This study can change the way they look at the entire body of the Scriptures, how they see the world around them, and how they know and understand their God!

Some other prayer requests:

  • The understanding of the students – being taught by the Holy Spirit
  • The classroom teachers – leadership of the Holy Spirit, humble confidence in God and not in themselves
  • That the students connect with each other and with the staff.

We covet your prayers!



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