Boot Camp 2, Day 2


We’re almost a full 24 hours into camp 2 at this point! The turnaround to get ready for a second camp is pretty difficult logistically, physically, emotionally, and spiritually speaking. That is one of my first prayer requests for you, that our leadership and staff would be focused on the Lord and consistent in their attention to detail and responsibility this week. Some of our staff also worked week one and are a little tired, other staff members are maybe here for their first time and are a little nervous, so pray for us!

The students at this camp are a little younger and look a little more anxious than the campers last week. You could really tell it at the first worship service last night as they were hesitant to plug in completely in worship and slow to respond to Kay as she brought the message.

Our main sessions will be similar to camp one unless the Holy Spirit leads in a different direction, which definitely happens at many camps. Last night, Kay again challenged the students to examine whose kingdom they were living for, God’s or their own. She spoke at length from a movie called For Greater Glory about the events surrounding the Christeros War in 1920’s Mexico and a young man who was transformed and ultimately made a great sacrifice for his faith during that time. The message was simple and powerful and applies to all ages, all walks of life. There is no doubt that this message and the question in it will be resonating in the hearts and minds of the students this week as they wrestle with the answer.

Although the students were hesitant last night in worship, most of our counselors felt that the team times were fruitful. We’re stressing the importance of engaging the students in smaller groups early in camp so that they know they are cared for and we’re praying that they build relationships with other campers quickly. Relationships are so important in this camp, and the lack of relationship is a stumbling block to some students early on in the process.

Please pray for:

  • Our first time of discussion tonight at 6:45
  • That the students will not be held back by ANY anxiety or fear
  • Protection – both physically and spiritually
  • Salvation for any who don’t know Christ

Your prayers are a blessing to us! We felt God work through them at camp one, so please don’t relax now!


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I just want to encourage you that I heard from my daughter last night after the worship and small group time. She was very encouraged by the worship service and the small group time. I am trusting that God will work to complete that which He has began. My husband and I will continue praying for all the leadership as you have requested, but just remember the fruit that we are praying for is fruit that perseveres, not that which is seen through an emotional response. May Christ be glorified!!! May He strengthen you today!


Thanks for the update… praying for the needs of fellow saints as you lead these young people through this topic that the Lord has placed on your heart….. the task at hand is not a “light” task and for that we know that we can only accomplish this through the Lord and with the Lord who is within those who believe. Trusting those who are not or have not lived a life worthing of the calling of which they have been called would be restored back to a right relationship…. Oh, Abba Father, YOU know every detail and every hindrance and every ounce of every challenge, it’s all been weighed out and I pray for balance in these young peoples lives, and ferver for YOU…. and you are aware, therefore, we trust YOU! What a MIGHTY and AWESOME God we serve! Amen!


Thank you for sharing specifically what you need for Camp 2. I went to Christian Camps twice and I have been a Counselor @ 2 different Christian Camps. They are wonderful times! They are times that the Lord can certainly use in camper’s lives. I have prayed for your requests and I hope that the staff is energized and “present” to the task @ hadn w/ the campers. Let me know if you need any help!


My husband and I are so blessed that both our sons are there this summer! We praise the Lord for moving us closer (two hour drive) to PMI when He did. We are praying for the staff and students. May the LORD bring deep discussions to each group, centering on Him and His Word. May each student hear from the LORD Truth that transforms their lives. In Jesus’ Blessed Name!


I work with youth on Wednesday nights I am so excited about this boot camp and I so want to get involved with Precept.

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