Boot Camp 2, Day 3-2011

The students are in their classrooms right now (9-12, 12:45-2:15 every day) studying lessons 2 & 3 in the Covenant PUP course. These lessons look into the exchange of robes, weapons, and belt beginning with the covenant betwenn Jonathan and David and making the parallels in New Testament Scripture to becoming “clothed” with Christ and putting on the new self. Pray that the students will see the total identity change that comes with being a child of God!

Kay taught out of Luke 12 last night and really confronted the students on issues of idolatry, being caught up in the things of this world, and their commitment to God. The challenge at the end was for them to “analyze the times” (Luke 12:56). Along those lines, I think this camp has a little more of a sober attitude than the first group did. You get the sense that they are really chewing on things internally. I’m very expectant of the things God will work in their hearts over the next couple of days.Pray for Kay’s messages the next two nights as she leads them to a time of decision on Tuesday night, concluding with the “walk of death” in Genesis 15.

As I mentioned yesterday, a lot of our staff is sick, probably over half feeling a little under the weather. Ask for physical healing among the sick and protection from the spread of sickness.

We’ve got a couple of new opportunities for people to hear about our ministry! Our new website is up today – Use it, read up on us, and pass it on to others! And if you see things that aren’t clear, shoot us a message so we can improve on it. We’ll also be discussing bootcamp tonight on Precept radio! (

So tune in, call in, and ask us questions about camp or just share a testimony! Thanks for partnering with us in ministry!



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