Boot Camp 2, Day 5

God has been working! Over the last couple of days we’ve had several students make professions of faith, some confessing sins and burdens they’ve been carrying for too long, and others simply starting to “figure it out.” We give God the glory for every good thing. We fully believe it is only our job to provide the environment, and He does the work!

Our schedule is a little different today. We only had class until 12pm, followed by some free time today here on campus. Many of the students are playing games out in the field, inside games in the classrooms, or simply sitting together talking (yes actual face to face communication!). Relationship is a lost art today, and the students are forced into it here by the absence of so many of the technologies that provide conveniences and comforts but also result in isolation. This is one of the special fruits of camp!

We’ll have team times today at 4:30, a cookout at 5:45 (burgers, hotdogs, blizzards!), and our camp activity about 7pm. Pray for safety! We’ll follow that up with some time to clean up and go to our guy/girl night. In this night session, we’ll go into issues more specific to each gender and talk through some things that can be very uncomfortable subjects. Pray for transparency and openess in the students and wisdom for the staff.

Last night, Kay taught Genesis 15, the walk of death. The basic idea centered around the fact that there is no choice but to take that walk, to die to self, to have relationship with God. That in fact every Christian is a disciple, a follower of Jesus Christ. We live in a time of “easy believism” where many believe that walking an aisle or saying a prayer sealed them for redemption. I’m not saying anything is wrong with a prayer or an invitation, only that we want students to know the full Gospel, that there is a calling, a lifestyle, a death to self that comes with true faith! Pray for the students understanding and that they would examine themselves to see if they are in the faith. Also pray for an understanding of forgiveness as we move towards the study of the New Covenant over the next few days.

Persevere in your prayers!



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BOOT CAMP THIS YEAR WAS AMAZING and LIFE CHANGING. God Bless Kay Arthur and Ritchie for letting Him use them to speak to me and other teenagers struggling just like me. It was convicting, and I’m sure that I can speak for the other students as well.

Thank you for being a light to me as well as the other students. It changed my life, literally. I am now walking with the Lord and PROUD OF IT! Keep on doing what you’re doing, its WORKING :)

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