Bootcamp 1, Day 4 – 2011

Well last night seems to have been our breakthrough! God is faithful, and we are seeing many answered prayers! Many of the students who were seemingly withdrawn and shy are beginning to connect with others who are here. The worship last night felt much more engaged and less tentative, and I thought the students were intently tuned in while I was teaching (that’s such a great feeling!).

They also responded to the message. We talked about the seriousness of the marriage covenent, what it means that two are joined together as one. One thing we highlighted in particular is the intimacy that is entailed in that type of relationship and how immorality threatens that intimacy. We also walked through many of the traditions seen in a marriage ceremony and how they symbolize covenant: the exchange of rings, making of vows, sharing of a meal (the bride and groom sharing the wedding cake), etc. I think it was an eye opener to them!

Afterwards, many teens stayed behind in the auditoium to pray with staff memebers and many of the team time discussions were intense from what I am told. I walked into a room of 14 year old boys last night that immediately began to tell me what the message meant to them and how they were impacted! Imagine that, 14 year old young men who’s lives are transformed through God’s Word on marriage! Only the Holy Spirit can produce that kind of response, and He gets all the glory!!!

Pray today that:

  • the hunger not only continues, but grows.
  • nothing will distract us from pressing on.
  • continued safety and spiritual protection.
  • the interns as they lead the classrooms today for the first time.




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