Boot Camp 1, Day 2 – 2011

Camp is off and running! Our staff seemes encouraged this morning by the willingness of the students to interact last night, the first night at camp. Many students arrive here in a very guarded fashion, mostly because those who are attending for the fist time don’t know anyone here. The returning campers can easily forget that first time experience because they’ve developed so many relationships. So the challenge I issued at prayer this morning was to love each other well today.

Our first main session went well last night, but again the students are testing the waters, a little distracted by their surroundings. Pray that they plug in completely tonight as Kay will be teaching. Also pray for the first time campers, some of whom secretely would like to go home right now. If they stick it out, they’ll develop deep relationships from the foundation they share with other campers in Christ. These relationships are one of the biggest takeaways from camp!

Early returns were good from the first day in the classroom. They did lesson one, the overview, today and will really get into more specifics tomorrow in lesson 2. Pray for the Holy Spirit to move!

Oops, almost forgot to tell you about the camp activity today. Nick Zalk, one of our counselors put together a “Covenant” scavenger hunt and activity today during sports time. Each team went into covenant with another team, swapped team colors, and made and ate a sacrifice together. The creativity was pretty impressive, and they had a great time doing it and reinforcing some of the customs of Covenant we’ve seen practiced.

And by the way, pray that Kay gets here (flying in) in time for the session tonight!



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