Boot Camp 1, Day 3 – 2011

Kay did make it in last night in time to teach. She’ll teach twice more at this camp as she deals with the culture of the world these students are living in as well as what they’ll face in the future. She had them answer some questions anonymously last night to get a look into their world, what they’re dealing with and the subjects on their hearts. Pray that she connects and communicates clearly with them this week!


The students are in class right now, going through lesson 2 in the Covenant PUP. They’ll take a look at the exchange of robes between Jonathan and David and what it means to them to be in this type of Covenant relationship. We’re continually praying that the Holy Spirit produce great understanding in the classrooms. Remember to pray for the teachers too. They’re not only teaching but being mentored as well to sharpen their skills as leaders!


Tonight I’ll be teaching on the covenant of marriage. I’m really looking forward to it and think it will be an eye-opener for many of the students. Many of them have never made the connection with the traditions they’ve seen in wedding ceremonies and covenant. And obviously we live in a society that has lost the importance of marriage even with the traditions. My prayer for tonight is that the students persepective on this vital covenant will produce holiness and reverence NOW. That their new understanding would produce a current obedience that will guard their hearts for many future marriages, imacting even their children and future generations!


Other prayer requests:

  • Safety – first day of sports today
  • Breakthrough – the students have been well behaved and engaged, but still cautious at this point. We want to see them pursuing God with great abandon.
  • The young men at camp. First of all, there aren’t enough of them here! But we want the ones who are here to go back as better young men, a more accurate reflection of their Heavenly Father!




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