ENGAGE Intern Job Description

Purpose: Equipping young adults to use and disciple others in the principles of inductive Bible study, so that they may know God through His Word.

 Raise $4,000 of support upon acceptance.
 Spend 2-4 hrs./wk. preparing for ENGAGE Internship (communication, prayer, and Bible study)
 Be present and dedicated for the duration of the 10 week ENGAGE Internship (May 20 – July 27)
 Fulfilling specific roles for 30 days of EQUIP Boot Camp (includes Staff Orientations and Debrief Meetings)

Before Arrival
 Spend time in prayer regularly, asking the Lord to prepare your heart to learn and lead as an intern.
 Complete Precept Upon Precept study for leader training.
 Actively communicate with Transform Staff prior to and during internship.
 Send all paperwork to Transform Staff by given deadlines.
 Orientation: May 20th / Exit Meetings: July 25-26th
 Attend PMI Staff Prayer weekdays at 8:00AM.
 Participate in class discussions.
 Complete all homework assignments.
 Leadership development meetings with Transform Staff at beginning and end of summer.
 Become familiarized with all PMI study products.
 Exemplify servant-leadership among PMI & Boot Camp staff, in all expectations of Transform Student Manager.
 Learn how to lead effective discussions.
 Invest fully in prep. and management of Boot Camps. You will be assigned some or all of the below roles:
 Table Leader: within classrooms, encourages students to stay focused, facilitates discussion.
 Team Leader: Coordinates with co-counselor, leads during sports and team times.
 Room Leader: within a housing assignment, is designated authority, and mentors students.
 Classroom Leader: responsible for leading a larger group of students through portions of the camp study and other materials to help them transfer what they learned at camp.

Training Structure:
 Classes 8am-5pm weekdays as well as some weekends
 Homework done in the evenings, and on weekends
 Training overseen by Manager of Transform, Certified PMI Trainers, and Transform Coordinators

Responsible to: Transform Student Ministries Staff

 At least 20 yrs old (high school grad of 2017 or before)
 Active in local church
 Involved in personal or corporate Bible study (preferably inductive Bible studies)
 Interested in serving and leading students (preferably already involved in some ministry)
 Willing and able to be an example in Christian walk
 Willing and able to use your spiritual gifts to disciple, and to lead high school students during Boot Camp

Physical Demands:
 Participate in all above responsibilities
 Read, write, and type at 75%-100%
 Hear, see, and walk at 75%-100%
 Lift, move and exert force of 25lb or more
 Participate in all Boot Camp activity and sports times, consisting of multiple contact and non-contact team sports in the afternoons.
 Limited sleep hours during Boot Camp schedule (11:30pm – 6:30am). Room leaders may also need to care for campers in the middle of the night.