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What does a day of EQUIP-Boot Camp look like? 
Each day at EQUIPBoot Camp is the chance to discover something new. Here’s how it breaks down:

At 8:00 a.m., both staff and students are off to breakfast, followed by a mini main session, then a classroom session led by Transform Student Ministries approved teachers.

These sessions are dynamic combinations of discussion and class work. We also use these sessions to disciple students how to disciple others in Inductive Bible Studies so they walk away with a complete understanding of the process.

…After lunch, students will head back to their rooms to relax and rest for a time. After room time, they meet with their teams for a time of fun and fellowship before working together to compete in various team competitions.

After sports, there is an hour of free time, then dinner, then small discipleship session called “Multiply”.

After “Multiply”, everyone joins together for a time of praise and worship, session speakers, and a chance to practice what they have been learning in the sessions.

Afterwards, students then meet with their teams for a time of encouragement and fellowship. Each team has two staff who will lead them in a time of sharing, praying, and discussion. Most students say team time is one of their favorite times at camp because you really get to know others and are able to challenge one another to live in light of the truths found in the Bible.

After eight days of such intensity, campers are surprised at the energy level they have. There’s something about EQUIPBoot Camp—the in-depth discipleship, the team environment, and the spiritual growth—that keeps them excited to go share what they’ve learned with others.

How old do you have to be to come to camp?

EQUIP-Boot Camp is for High School students ages 14-18
Note: Applicants must be at least 14 years of age and complete 9th grade in the spring of 2015.

How do I register for camp? 
EQUIP-Boot Camp spots are filled through an application process. Students interested in coming to EQUIP-Boot Camp will need to download the application. The application has a few essay questions and also requires a recommendation letter to be written by a Spiritual Leader.

What subject will be covered at EQUIP-Boot Camp 2015?

Students will use the inductive study tools to dig deep into the book for 1 John and will begin to find answers to questions that plague people young and old!

  • How do you know if you’re really born again?
  • What does it mean to be holy. . . to love God?

Answers to these questions will be discussed in small groups and students will walk away from their study time knowing not just the answers to the questions, but will also know how the answers impact their everyday life!

Who is the Main Session Speaker? 
Precept Ministries International and Transform Student Ministries provide gospel-centered and biblically qualified speakers for students attending EQUIPBoot Camp. In the past, Transform has utilized their former directors Ritchie Johnson and David Lawson, current CEO David Arthur, and, of course, Kay Arthur. Students will be blessed with gospel-enriched, heart-provoking teaching by each of the EQUIPBoot Camp speakers!