EQUIP Boot Camp 2018

If you are a student age 14-18 who wants to deepen your relationship with God, or do you know one who does? EQUIP Boot Camp is the place for you!

EQUIP Boot Camp 2018 will prepare you to:

  • Learn to study the Bible for yourself using the Precept™ Inductive Bible Study method.
  • Deepen your understanding of God’s unwavering covenant with His people.
  • Build biblical community within your community.
  • Go out and make disciples purposefully, biblically, effectively.

EQUIP Boot Camp is also a time for dedicated students to meet and be encouraged by fellow Christians who have similar goals and standards. Daily activities include Bible study, worship, prayer, sports, and fellowship with teens from around the world.

The result of EQUIP Boot Camp is that students walk away with 1) an understanding of how to study the Bible for themselves 2) an experience of worship and challenging messages conveying the power of the gospel to this generation and 3) an understanding and equipping for God’s call on their lives to disciple others through the power of the Holy Spirit.

The Focus: Students confronted with God’s Word each and every day for 8 consecutive days.

The Community: A full week spent in a room with peers, working together on teams, playing sports, sharing meals together, discussing God’s Word and building relationships that can last a lifetime!

The Discipleship: Our study sessions are not only designed to look into the Word but to disciple students in such a way so that they can study it for themselves! Offerings for returning campers to engage in leadership training.

The Staff: The model at EQUIP Boot Camp is students serving students, it’s discipleship in practice. Our team consists of Transform’s staff, other hand-selected adults, and a large group of committed college students, most of whom attended Boot Camps in the past.

The Process: EQUIP Boot Camp is filled through an application process. Our desire is to come alongside passionate, young believers and challenge them to excel in their Christian walk, to serve their churches, to impact their communities through discipleship, and to establish them in God’s Word – all for His glory!

Using the inductive study method, students will focus on the covenant God enters with His people and how He always keeps His promise. From Genesis through Revelation, students will have the opportunity to see this incredible binding agreement woven all throughout Scripture. We pray that this will increase their trust in their Father, cultivate love for their Savior and that they will leave transformed.


  • EQUIP Boot Camp 1 – June 9-16, 2018
  • EQUIP Boot Camp 2 – June 21-June 28, 2018
  • EQUIP Boot Camp 3 – July 3-10, 2018


  • Precept Ministries International Campus – Chattanooga, TN

Age Requirement:

  • EQUIP Boot Camp is for high school students ages 14-18.
  • Note: Applicants must be at least 14 years of age and complete 9th grade in the spring of 2018.


  • Plan A- $475
  • Inn Room
  • Student/Staff Ratio: 4–6 Students to 1 staff member
  • Hotel style room with private bath
  • Plan B- $425
  • Dorm Room
  • Student/Staff Ratio: 10-12 students to 2 staff members
  • Dorm facilities with hall bath

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