Establishing Friendships

Everyone I know wants friends.  Some want many friends and some are content with just a few really close friends. No matter which one is the case we all want someone who knows us and wants to share life together.

Through my years of growing to adulthood I watched my family interact with many friends.  I watched as family friends moved away and even mourned the loss of a long time friend.  I also watched some difficult friendships and rejoiced in the good times.

As a parent I have come to understand the importance of establishing really good friendships in the lives of our children and families.  I have had the pleasure of watching these friendships grow and develop in my children over the years.  But it wasn’t until I studied Becoming a Friend of the Faithful God – A Study on Abraham from Precept Ministries International that I gave any thought to being God’s friend and what that meant.  During that study, and while helping my children with Abraham – God’s Brave Explorer, I learned so much about what it means to be friends with God from Abraham’s life.

How about you? Have you ever given any though to what it means to be friends with God?  I would encourage you to study Abraham’s life to learn about that friendship.  You could even study the life of Abraham with your whole family using Precept Ministries Family Discipleship Plan. The family discipleship plan is designed for the whole family to dig into God’s Word together. Moms, dads, children and teens will be able to inductively study the same book of the bible or topic together. Each member of your family can study using a series that is age appropriate and fits everyone’s schedule.  Why don’t you check it out?  Click here for more information.


Thesa Morgan serves as Precept Ministries International’s
Curriculum Representative and Student Ministries Registrar.

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