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We can’t even begin to tell you how many times we’ve received emails asking…. “How do I lead Precept studies with teens?”  We get emails from…

  • Precept Leaders, who feel the Lord directing them to start a teen study
  • Homeschool Mom’s,  who want their children to be grounded in the Word
  • Youth Pastors, who want disciple their youth
  • Sunday School Teachers, who want to see students search and find truth for themselves
  • Teens, who want their friends to experience life change while they study the Bible

We are an equipping ministry and want to equip you to lead the next generation! We’ll be posting various blogs and daily facebook updates on the topic of leadership.

The thing we are most excited about…Most of our blogs will be written by people “out in the field” with  LOTS of experience who are leading inductive bible study with teens.

 So, stay tuned…there is certainly more info to come!



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