2 Biblical Reasons Morgan Freeman is not God, and Neither Are you.


On July 6th Morgan Freeman was interviewed by Nicki Gostin Fox News. During the interview, when asked if he thought there was a god Mr. Freeman identified himself as God. It is hard know exactly what he meant by that comment, but He said was God. Nicki tried to gain a little clarity with the next question, “Because every man is created in God’s image?” To which Mr. Freeman replied “Yes or God’s created in my image” At that point the interviewer changes topics and we are left wondering what Morgan Freeman meant by what he said or if he said what he meant.

There are a lot of Biblical qualifications for being that Morgan Freeman doesn’t meet. The entire Bible seems to have been written so what we would know who God is. For the sake of space let’s take a very brief look at only two.

1. God created the heavens and the earth. (Genesis 1:1-4)

In that process He spoke light into existence. Everything that is, everything  that exists has been created by Him and, as if that wasn’t enough, He spoke light into existence. There was no light, God said “Let there be light.” and there was light.

There is an old joke about a scientist who discovered a way to combine water, dirt, and electric current to create basic, simple life forms. When he explained to God that the creation of life was possible without a divine being, God seemed impressed. “I would like to see that.” was God’s response. Smiling the scientist reached down to pick up a handful of dirt. God stopped him, saying “Oh, no…for this you use your own dirt.”

And that is the problem. For us to create we always start with something that is already in existence. God created from nothing and even spoke light into existence.

Anyone claiming to be God should try to create something from nothing.

 2.  God forgives

You may be thinking “But I can forgive people” and in a limited sense you are right. But, only God can forgive sins, remove sins declare you legally guilt free. We could forgive someone who hurt or offended us. But none of us would pretend like our word could relieve and remove all guilt from an individual.

We see this come into play in Jesus life in the gospels.( for example, Matthew 9:2-6)When Jesus said to someone “Your sins are forgiven” the religious leaders of the day were shocked! Who can forgive sins but God alone? Their thinking was right, only God can forgive sins, they just didn’t know they were talking to God in the flesh, Jesus.

Morgan Freeman cannot forgive my sins.

For most of us the conversation is shocking. You would never dream of declaring yourself to be God! Some of you reading this right now are a little nervous just reading his comments.

While we would never claim to be God, or at least we would never say it out loud, do we ever act like we are God?

Do you ever act like you are the center of the universe?

Are the big decisions in life made by reasoning through the options, coming to reasonable conclusions, and then implementing a safe strategy? Or do you ask God what He has is in mind?

What about the day to day decisions, you know, the small things in life? Do you seek to walk sensitive to God’s Spirit or do you just move through the day like He doesn’t matter?

God is self sufficient, He doesn’t need anything beyond Himself. We are not, and when we act like we are sufficient within ourselves we are acting like we are God.

Too many Christians function as if they are god, as if they know everything, as if they have all power.

Morgan had the honesty to share his beliefs publicly. Shouldn’t we? Shouldn’t we be living in a way that the whole world sees our dependence on the one, true God?

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