2008 Intern Testimonies



The ENGAGE Internship teaches teamwork, which builds community, provides accountability, and an atmosphere to grow in your walk with God, through the means of His Word and time spent with Him. This internship is challenging because it gets you out of your comfort zone and in that, you are able to lean completely on the more »

Ryan B.

During the ENGAGE Internship I learned a lot about myself and my tendencies. I can say that I’m more convinced of my place in the body of Christ and I’m more certain of the way God has designed me.


I loved the workshops that we did…each one of them was extremely helpful! I’ve seen since I have gotten home that these workshops have really helped me in my personal study. I also thought that the mentoring aspect of the program was great! It was good to have someone to ask for advice about teaching more »


The ENGAGE Internship reinforced the fact that we should all be involved in ministry in one way or another and that the Word should be our main source of information.


I know that my experience this past summer has caused me to understand the importance of interaction and discussion in small groups, and I feel like I can facilitate that more effectively. The internship was also just an incredibly refreshing break to sit at the feet of Jesus and spend days and weeks in His more »


I will never be the same after this summer. Anytime you are brought face to face with God’s Word, you will never be the same! I could not wait to get home and put everything that I have learned into practice! I am ready to serve and take every opportunity to teach people how to more »


The internship is great for anyone because it prepared us for ministry in any area of our lives, whether we are going to be in “full time ministry” or doing ministry through our jobs, families and our circles of influence. Wherever the Lord sends me, I’ll be able to teach anyone how to study God’s more »

Nick Z.

Over a two-month period, I learned principles and was equipped with tools to help not only in my personal life, but in teaching God’s Word and discipling others. It was a time of intense study as well as a time for building life-long friendships. The ENGAGE internship gave me the best summer of my life!