2010 Intern Testimonies



The Lord has transformed me through this internship. I have been equipped to study the Word, and show others how to study the Word for themselves. My passion for the Lord has been amplified, and is overflowing into all aspects of my life. I can’t wait to share this passion and knowledge with others, and more »


Godly leadership, deep study, challenging experiences–these make the ENGAGE Internship both wonderful and rewarding. I found not only my intellect challenged, but my character as well. Learning under Precept’s teachers and studying God’s Word with them unavoidably produced in me an attitude of soul-churning, self-examination. It was truly a process of being trained in righteousness! more »


The ENGAGE internship has been an immense blessing to me. The study programs and teaching opportunities have been and will continue to be a platform for my future ministry goals. I also enjoyed fellowship and friendships developed during the internship.


The training wasn’t easy, but I feel so much more prepared to lead and proclaim my Savior in my words, actions, and decisions. Learning from the different teachers and classroom environments has prepared me as a teacher, especially as it has made me realize again and again the importance of being a student even in more »