2011 Intern Testimonies



The Lord used the ENGAGE internship to transform me. One of the biggest things I learned here is that I desperately need Him more than I thought. The training and experience opened me up to the teaching of the Holy Spirit in ways I never expected. I feel equipped and ready to trust Christ and more »


I have become so well equipped to study the Bible and teach others to study it through this internship! I was reminded of the importance of knowing God’s Word for myself and I learned some great tools to use to study it better. With the Holy Spirit as my teacher, I can understand God’s Word more »

Lindsey T.

Through the training and fellowship I participated in during the internship, my walk with God has grown deeper and my focus in Him made stronger. I have more confidence in Christ to use my spiritual gifts and am more equipped to serve Him!! I have a lot to learn and a lot more growing to more »


The ENGAGE internship not only equipped me with a lot of inductive Bible study tools, it also put into my heart a new urgency to be a responsible steward of God’s Word. “Making disciples intentionally” hit me pretty hard—a command I want to carry everywhere I go.


In addition to the Lord equipping me to lead small groups and facilitate Inductive Bible Studies He used this internship to draw me into a richer study of His Holy Word during my personal time with Him. Every aspect of this summer from the Christ-focused fellowship to the priceless training in the workshops caused me more »


Heading into the internship I fully expected to be challenged and equipped to teach the Word. While that did happen, I never expected to be changed by it. After spending ten weeks immersed in the Word and under incredibly godly leadership, I have never been more excited to continue growing in my relationship with the more »


I came to this internship with high expectations to learn Bible Study skills. I left with much more than that this. These ten weeks have been a great time of being forced into an environment with other distractions taken away! I left with new Bible Study skills and with additional things God seemed pleased to more »

Lindsey H.

I highly recommend the ENGAGE Internship to anyone who wants to grow in their relationship with the Lord. You will be encouraged, stretched, convicted, inspired and much more. If you are looking to gain experience in teaching and training others to study the Bible inductively, this is the internship for you. The training workshops and more »


God used the ENGAGE Internship to completely transform my life. Over the summer I learned not only about what God wants for my life but also how to lead various types of Bible studies. Through studying His Word inductively and building relationships with other passionate young adults, God used this internship to redirect my life more »