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We want the world to know that the biggest privilege for Transform Student Ministries is hosting young people of all ages for summer EQUIP Boot Camps and the ENGAGE Internship. We love investing in young men and women. We are humbled and excited to spend intentional time with them, and to see their hearts and lives change through the influence of the Word of God. In short, we serve God by participating in discipling students through Scripture. At the moment we’re in the process of introducing each of this summer’s ENGAGE interns! If you’ve missed any of the posts, just click here and read away.


We’ve been privileged to see Brydon grow all the way through high school to the woman and  disciple she is today. It’s nothing short of a pleasure to see the way she gives grace and leads students at EQUIP Boot Camps.

From what Brydon says, it sounds like she has had a wonderful example:

I was raised by a mother who has been enthusiastically seeking the Lord, the furtherance of the gospel, always learning, dreaming, and trying new things. Because of her openness and honesty I have been inspired to seek the Lord for myself and to stand up for what I believe.

But following Christ isn’t easy. 

I struggled with my salvation early in my childhood because I believe that I first accepted Christ at a very young age. I knew that Jesus’ death on the cross was what I needed to accept in my life in order to live with God when I died, but my life as a young perfectionist didn’t yield the fruit and change that I thought I ought to as a Christian.

Have you ever felt like you weren’t doing enough or being good enough as a Christian? We must remember that it’s a totally different law (of grace!), way of living, and thinking.

During this early season of my life I said no to a lot of things. I quit a dance class. I turned down roles in plays. I didn’t watch certain movies. I felt alone and frustrated because my convictions caused me to feel alienated from those around me, and as I entered high school my self-righteousness caused me to look down on others for their “less superior” spirituality.

There are a lot of things that are confusing about the world and how to live in it. Christianity isn’t about a set of rules and things you shouldn’t do. The Bible is clear that Christ came so that we would have abundant life (John 10:10), and the very same verse contrasts this life-giving relationship of Jesus to his disciples and “the thief [who] comes only to steal and kill and destroy.” It’s so easy to have an extreme view on the world; it can seem like this candy shop of things we want, or it can be this big scary place filled with bad things just waiting to ensnare us.

The truth is that neither perspective helps our hearts all that much. Because instead of focussing on Jesus, both the candy-shop and the scary-world perspectives look at ourselves and how much we can or can’t exercise self-control (which by the way is a fruit of the Spirit not a fruit of our sweaty efforts). So often we would help ourselves by simply looking at Jesus, talking with Him, asking our questions, and letting our requests be made known to Him. Why would that help? Because the peace of God is beyond our comprehension, and He assures our minds and hearts even if we don’t understand (Philippians 4:6-7).

I remember praying for an entire year that God would put a passion for Him in my heart. A passion that was honest, pure, simply for His glory and not any other reason. God began to answer that prayer as I was trying so hard to do the right thing – such as have “quiet time” every day, share the gospel with people in my life, be constantly growing and yielding fruit, etc.

That’s the beautiful part! It’s not the to-do list of Christian-y things that spend up our time so we don’t do bad things. It’s the fact that as we spend time with God He changes us. We see that dimly through our relationships on earth; we know and trust that the people we spend time with influence us. So why not our heavenly Father, who gives every good gift and supplies our needs?

Ultimately, my story is about how God is constantly saving me from myself. My self-righteousness, my rights: to own myself, to own my life, to own my talents, my goodness, my merits, and saving me from my own slavery to the Law that I have made for myself. I am learning how to give myself grace, how to actually realize and believe that He loves me simply because He is God and His love is based solely on Jesus’ redeeming work on the cross. My story is about how God is constantly saving me from the destruction of my own goodness. I can never be good enough, right enough, studied enough, or spiritual enough. He is constantly reminding me that He is enough, that He alone is Lord and Savior.

Some of you may be wondering about the ENGAGE internship, and you might still have questions. Let’s answer one right now: this internship isn’t just for those who feel called into vocational (career) ministry. It’s for anyone who wants to live out their calling as a disciple-maker, and student of the Word of God. Hear for yourself why Brydon is coming this summer:

At this point in my life I am not sure if full time ministry is in my future at any specific time, but I know that spiritual training is valuable to a Christian in any field. Learning to lead and disciple others is something that I want to take with me to any circumstance and any circle of influence in my future. No matter where my career takes me, as a mom, as a teacher, or as a performer, my relationships are super important to me. We learn and grow largely because of the people around us as we share our life experiences and share what we have been learning about God in our relationship with Jesus. It all pours over from one experience to another. I think that great people bring greatness out of people, and I want to learn how to do that!

If you want to support Brydon financially, you can do that on her support page. If you want to join us in supporting her through prayer, please pray:

— That God will increase her faith, preserve, and sustain her
— The training she receives will bear fruit in God’s timing, and unique variety
— That the students she serves will be transformed by God’s Word

Many thanks,
Brydon and the Transform team


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