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We want the world to know that the biggest privilege for Transform Student Ministries is hosting young people of all ages for summer EQUIP Boot Camps and the ENGAGE Internship. We love investing in young men and women. We are humbled and excited to spend intentional time with them, and to see their hearts and lives change through the power of the Word of God. In short, we serve God by participating in discipling students through Scripture. At the moment we’re introducing each of this summer’s ENGAGE interns! If you’ve missed any of the posts, just click here and read away.

Katherine Ann 

We’re so excited to have Katherine Ann with us for the first time at this summer’s ENGAGE Internship! She has explained and demonstrated a deep desire to genuinely know God through His Word and to teach others also (II Timothy 2:2). But why the ENGAGE Internship? Here’s what Katherine Ann said:

A constant pull in my heart for several years now has been to teach the Word in some capacity, because my heart thrills at seeing new truth about God as He reveals it in His word, and I want to explain that to people so desperately. If I just got to have even ten weeks of constant establishment in His word, I think I would walk away with such a better equipping to lead people to the truth in the Bible accurately. I would also be so excited about the opportunity to be around people at Precept who have walked and are walking with God so closely.

When talking about her journey of faith, Katherine Ann explained that she came to know and believe the gospel in first grade, and recognized the faith of a child.

However, in 6th grade, about 6 months after being introduced to Precept Bible studies, I questioned whether or not I was saved pretty intensely. I think I prayed for Jesus to save me fifty times that second semester, at least. My lack of assurance was based on trying to wrestle with Jesus as “Lord,” because I was confused on how I could ever surrender every single thing all the time. 

That year, I believed and surrendered my life to Jesus to the best of my understanding, but wrestled with assurance. I really think that I was saved earlier, but that the Lord was maturing my understanding of Him and personal walk with Him deeply.

We all struggle with doubt in the Christian walk, and doubting that we are actually “saved” is a very common and debilitating one. But what about the issue of surrender? Are you/have you ever been confused over how it is possible to surrender everything at every moment? It’s impossible. The standards that God requires are impossible for humans. If you don’t believe us, just read the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7)!

The design for the law (both the law of the Old Testament, and the law of Christ) has always been to show us how much we need God, and how much we need to be continually saved. It’s not so that we will be miserable, frantic workers; but so that we see the need of surrender and the beauty of being a willing vessel of God’s grace and glory! How did God grow Katherine Ann’s understanding of Himself and this glorious design for her?

Middle school and high school were hugely influential in my walk with the Lord, through my school, church, family, community, and personal study of the Word. In college, I have been around incredibly solid churches, books, and ministries that faithfully teach the word and proclaim the gospel. The Lord has been teaching me in college about how the gospel is not only for nonbelievers, but for believers, and about how we need it every moment of every day. It was through my church, and a book called Gospel Wakefulness, that I realized even more that my assurance of salvation is fully dependent upon Jesus.

It’s a hard but needful question for everyday, friends: what are we depending on for salvation? In a world that continually offers comfort and escape, how do we fully depend on Jesus – what does that action look like for our hearts in real-time?

Faith is throwing all your hope on Him because you realize you are utterly helpless and desperate for righteousness without Him. The more I heard the gospel, the more assurance I had/have, because the more I realize that faith is more dependent upon the object of the faith than the size of the faith. Though I desire to have great faith in Jesus, He ultimately is the Savior, not my own strength of faith.

In one of the sea storms recorded in the New Testament (Luke 8:24-25), Jesus was sleeping while the disciples were afraid for their lives. They went to Him, woke Him, and announced “we are perishing!” Jesus first dealt with the storm; the Scripture says that He first rebuked the wind and waves, calming the storm. Then He turned to the disciples and asked “Where is your faith?” Notice what Jesus didn’t do: He didn’t ask if they had any. The problem was not faithlessness; the problem was not using/exercising/applying their faith to the circumstances in front of them. What did exercising faith look like for Katherine Ann – let’s hear again how God grew her confidence.

God has continued to shape my understanding of salvation, and root my assurance in His Son, not in my salvation prayer or understanding of every complex part of it. I believe in Jesus as my Savior, my hope, my righteousness, and as the One who has bought me from my sin. Though I wrestle to obey Him and wrestle my flesh, my hope remains in His righteousness alone.

We can only say “amen!” to that. It can be both terrifying and freeing to let go, to become vulnerable and powerless in the hands of the One, all-powerful God; but the only thing we need (and have ever needed) to do the work of God is belief (John 6:28-9).

Katherine Ann is fully funded, and thankful for God’s financial provision! However, not all the interns are fully funded yet, so anyone desiring to give financially can make a donation to this support page. It will be allocated to the intern(s) who still have a need. If you want to join us in supporting Katherine Ann through prayer, please pray:

— That God will increase her faith, preserve, and sustain her
— The training she receives will bear fruit in God’s timing, and unique variety
— That the students she serves will be transformed by God’s Word

Many thanks,
Katherine Ann and the Transform team


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