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We’re excited to introduce our ENGAGE summer interns to you! Each summer, the biggest privilege for Transform Student Ministries is hosting young people of all ages for the EQUIP Boot Camps and the ENGAGE Internship. Investing in young men and women, seeing their hearts and lives changed by the Word of God and getting to serve God by discipling and serving alongside them gets our team up each morning and spurs us on in work and life (Hebrews 10:24).

Each of the interns go through a rigorous application process; and as we have prayed, we are humbled to be a part of God’s work this summer towards and with these ENGAGE interns.


If you’ve ever met Stefan, you’ve probably experienced the unique combination of infectious humor and serious responsibility he contributes. He served last summer on the EQUIP Boot Camp staff, and we loved watching the Lord work in and through him as he ministered to his campers.

As a younger Christian, Stefan struggled with doubt like so many Christians who grew up as a “church kid.” He explains the source of that doubt. 

This may sound surprising when I say it but I’m not exactly sure of the date I came to fully rely on Jesus as my Savior… Not too many years after I accepted Christ, I began doubting and rededicated my life many times over. Not because I did not believe in Christ, but because I was so afraid I had missed something. 

Today, Stefan comes to this internship saying, 

I have a deep desire to know God’s Word and make it known to others. 

Why? How did God intervene in Stefan’s life, and grow him to this point? 

I came to grow and realize that it was so much less about some one-time prayer that I prayed and so much more about the faith that I carried with me throughout life. 

Was this a momentary revelation (a-ha! moment), or a process? 

It took me so long to understand that the emphasis for God was not on the words I said but the heart that I had. I began to truly realize that I should stop worrying so much about if I prayed “the prayer” right and start seeking to understand what I was praying about in the first place…I began to truly understand the relationship I needed to have with Christ. I began to realize that it was a relationship that was not based on legalism but on understanding and acceptance of who God is and a need to grow in that understanding. 

Jesus spoke so often about the need for relationship and faith. The Sermon on the Mount (Matthew, chapters 5-7) destroys the lie that doing the right things is enough; it’s about our heart and motives – doing the right thing for the righteous reasons. The only way we have access to righteous motives and a pure heart is through Christ; and He comforts us with words to abide in Him. “Do not let your heart be troubled; believe in God, believe also in Me.” (John 14:1) This, God’s Words, were what made the difference in Stefan’s life. 

Through this development of faith I was able to see that God has placed a passion within me for His Word. What may have started out simply as a legalistic sense of duty, through years of God working in my life, had slowly evolved into a passion for seeking and finding the deeper truths of Scripture and leading and showing others to do the same. My relationship with God continues to grow to this day because I need to be constantly learning, constantly seeking God’s truth, and constantly understanding more and more of who He truly is. Regardless of when I started following Christ, I have without a doubt come to realize that I can’t get where I want to go by following anyone else.

So why is Stefan coming to the ENGAGE internship this summer? 

Learning how to [study the Bible] radically changed the way I view the Word of God and its role in my life. Because of the way inductive Bible study changed my life, I have a desire to help better equip the body of Christ to handle God’s Word. This internship will train me to fulfill this calling that God has placed in my life. Although the internship will benefit me greatly, it is not simply for me; I see it as a way and even a commitment to share with others what God has shared with me…I believe that this is an opportunity that the Lord has placed in my life to further prepare me for however He leads me in the future. Regardless of whether I end up going into full time ministry or not, I should always desire to be a better disciple maker and I pray that this internship (if nothing else) equips me for the benefit of others.

Are you interested in helping Stefan this summer? You can support financially by clicking on this link. You can pray, too! 

— Please pray that God will increase Stefan’s faith and sustain him (as well as the other six interns) throughout the summer 

— Pray that the training he receives will bear fruit, and pray for the students and staff Stefan will serve during the EQUIP Boot Camps, that they will all be transformed by God’s Word!


Stefan and the Transform Team 


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