Camp 1, Day 2



Day 2 of camp is underway! Last night saw the students arrive and we had our first main session and team time. I have to say that I’m excited about the way the students engaged in worship on the first night. Often, they seem a little reluctant, dipping their toes in to test the waters that first night. Last night, there seemed to be a little more abandon, a little more zeal, and a little less apprehension than in years past. No matter how many camps you work, each one has its own personality. I know that may sound a little strange, but even each class has its own dynamic, so to see the openness of this group on night one was a great encouragement to our staff.

Kay spoke last night, challenging the students on what they are living for. The simple theme of the message was that they can decide to live for God’s kingdom or their own. She shared out of Luke 11 (from the Lord’s Prayer), highlighting the fact that it’s all God’s kingdom and that His name is to be hallowed. She also challenged them to carry the cross from Luke 14:25-28 and closed by asking our group to get on their knees and pray for God to move upon their hearts and reveal which kingdom they are truly living for.



As I write this, the students are in their first classroom time, doing lesson 1 from the 1 Corinthians Precept Upon Precept study. We chose this study because of the great relevancy to this generation and the modern church. I can see so much similarity in Paul’s description of the Corinthians in chapter one, verses 1-9. Many in this generation, similar to the Corinthian church, are called, gifted, and enriched in Christ, yet struggle with divisions and a lifestyle in step with their true identity in Christ. Our prayer is that God would confront the students this week with the truth of the Word, bringing identity to life through their works and lifestyle!


As you pray for us, don’t be afraid to pray BIG!



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