(#3) Countdown to Camp 1: Waiting for God to Move


Our deepest desire for you wherever you are, whether you’re coming to this summer’s EQUIP Boot Camp or not, is that we all gain patience and perseverance from the Lord while He transforms us. God is capable of doing anything, and loves to give good gifts; but He is not on man’s timeline, and will work according to His sovereign will. Throughout our life, He will tell us to wait more than once. We want to meet with you in the waiting, whether that’s for EQUIP Boot Camp to start in 4 days or whatever else you are waiting for in your life right now.

We’re living in a world that is programming us to expect constant change. Constant change that is visible. But the Christian life doesn’t work like that. Have you become impatient? Frustrated?

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but we live in a world where our everyday lives are constantly changing. Social media has inserted itself into the very fabric of how we do life. Just look at any table at a restaurant and count the ratio of heads facing their screens rather than heads facing the people around them. Beyond social media are the very devices we use to access them. The iPhone. The Galaxy. Every year a new one comes out without fail. Coincidentally, it also seems like ours stops working as well at the same time, and we begin hoping to upgrade to the new one. So here we are, scrolling through our feeds on these devices that never leave our sides, looking at people’s lives, and wishing to be in their shoes, to get where they are, or to have their same apparent joy and passion.

This blog series isn’t about contentment or a rant against summer fun. It’s a call to do a heart check because we need to. The same issues that are making contentment difficult are making it almost impossible for God to accomplish heart work (sanctification) as well.

So many times we strive, when we need to rest in and believe the truth God has already revealed to our hearts.

For the next four days as we count down to camp, we want to go through some passages that speak truth about God’s heart work in us. We pray that it encourages and challenges you as much as it has us, especially in light of this age of ever-present information and connectivity.

Romans 5:1-5

Take five or ten minutes reading through, praying through, and meditating on this passage. Take it slow, thinking about each statement. Sometimes that’s enough. Sometimes questions help us to do the same thing (read, pray, meditate, slow down, and think clearer); so we’ve provided some questions below, in case they help you:

— what things do “we” have in this passage?
— when do we have these things?
— how did we get them?
— what does that tell you about God?
— how does this change your understanding of peace, and how to enjoy it today in whatever circumstances you’re sitting in?

Takeaway: Heart work takes time. It can take a very long time. Sanctification is a process, both completed and being completed in you. As we still live in a fallen world, there is a process that we have to go through wrestling with our own flesh and the spiritual forces around us. The good news is that we do have the Holy Spirit who is there to both produce this change and sustain us through the process.

Praying for you,
Zachary Lim and the Transform Team


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