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Oftentimes we hear people tell us, “I never knew that Precept had a ministry for teenagers and young people!” Well, we do! Since the foundation of Precept, young people have and continue to play a critical part of our mission. How do we do it? Great question. I’d love to explain some of the ways we reach teenagers through our different events below.

Every summer the campus is flooded with teens and excitement is thick. Students from all across the country are coming here to learn how to study the Bible for themselves. For almost 37 years now, this event has been known as BOOT CAMP! It gets its name from the intense training and time spent studying the Bible. On a typical day, students spend an average of 6 hours learning about God and how to study inductively-and they love it! Most people assume that teens don’t want to study the Bible but the response from Boot Camp proves otherwise. But learning to study the Bible isn’t the only thing camp is about.  It’s also a place for teens to experience community with their peers. Students can grow deeper in their relationship with God while developing close friendships with others on their team, in their classroom, and in their room. For students who know what Boot Camp holds, the next camp can’t come soon enough!  In fact, Boot Camp will be here before we know it… Camp #1 starts June 12th!!!

Prayer Time at Boot Camp

For students who just can’t wait until the next year for camp, we also have another event in December.  This is called Transform Student Conference and it’s a great place for teenagers to be exposed to the basics of inductive Bible study.  We have people from all across the country that attend this event and often times leaders will bring their youth group to this weekend. The weekend is a taste-tester to what we do in the summer at our boot camps. In past few years, God has grown the Transform Student Conference to where we actual have two conferences going on at same time that weekend!

Break Out Session Studying Inductively

This year we are launching a brand new camp called Foundations Camp in July that is designed for youth pastors or adult leaders and their students. Together, they learn inductive study and servant leadership principles.  To make this happen, we are partnering with Impact 360 (GAP year program through Chick-fil-a) to build up students in leadership development and Bible study skills. We are excited about this new event which will include a service opportunity to join up with a local ministry called Wow Kids, which reaches out to inner-city kids.  Students are going to have the chance to serve other children at various locations around the Chattanooga area.  This camp has HUGE potential to equip students to be future leaders! We also hope that this camp will encourage youth pastors and adult leaders as they see their students growing in personal devotion to God and faithfulness in serving others. 

Our Pilot Group

You might be wondering if Transform has anything for those who can no longer attend these events. Well, sure enough we do! We’ve brought back the Intern Program for college students and young adults interested in learning and leading small group Bible studies. Back in 2008, the first group of interns came to learn how to study and how to lead, so that when they went back home they would be equipped to teach others. This year we will have 10 interns that will be living on campus from late May until early August. These interns will be trained by the best trainers at Precept and will have opportunities to practice what they’ve learned by teaching at some of the events I mentioned above. We have seen the impact firsthand that this program has had on the lives of those who have been a part of it.  If you’re curious to know more, check out the testimonies from past interns to get a bigger perspective of what they experienced when they participated in the program!

Interns posing for a picture

                Transform Student Ministries exists to equip students in God’s Word and these are a few ways we seek to accomplish this mission.  We hope you will take the time to look at our events and if you have attended before, please share your experiences and stories with others by commenting below…

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