Boot Camp Q & A: Zach

We got the privilege to talk to some past boot campers and ask them a few questions about their experience at Precept’s boot camps. We hope you will enjoy!

Boot Camp Q &A: Zach Lim




What years did you go to Boot Camp?

I attended my first camp in 2010 and staffed camp in 2011 and 2013.  That first camp was a very eye opening experience.  I love meeting new people, but the level and depth of community that I experienced was beyond anything else and as a result, I went back to staff when I could.

Do you remember what you studied the years you were here? What were they?

We studied 2 Timothy in 2010, Covenant in 2011, and then marriage in 2013.  It’s amazing to think back and realize how even small details such as what was studied were so impactful as a result of where I was in life.  Each time I came, the studies served to convict, encourage, and inspire.

Which one was your favorite? Why?

My favorite is definitely Covenant.  After going through that study, everything relates back to covenant.  I often find myself hearing things in other situations and being brought back to the insights I gained through that study.  It also was a point where I really need to be refreshed and renewed.  The study strengthened my faith and belief in Christ something so much more tangible and real.  It brought me back from a difficult place to a point where I knew that God was it because of the length to which He went to establish His covenant with His people.

Do you still keep in touch with people from camp? What are those friendships like now?

Yes.  Wow, I can say that some of the friendships that developed through camp have become some of my strongest friends.  I keep in touch with several people.  Because I only came to one camp, most of the strong relations are with people that I also staffed with as well.

Coming to camp for the first time without knowing anybody can seem scary and awkward and first.  I was excited about the opportunity to meet new people, but I never imagined that some of those friendships would become what they are today.  By the end of camp, you realize that you have just formed a new family that you will always look forward to seeing again.  Every year that I get to go back, it’s almost like going home and being reunited with family.

What are some of the most memorable moments from boot camp for you?

Camper-counselor prisonball is always a highlight.  I think a few things that stand out the most for me are the main sessions, the team times, and the time in the rooms.  The main sessions are amazing.  Many very interesting insights have come from nights in the auditorium.  The worship is also amazing to participate in and observe.  It is beautiful to see and be a part the pure and unashamed worship that people pour out.  Team times and room times are both full of times of sharing and openness.

Do you believe that others should attend boot camp? Why or why not?

For sure!  Boot camp accomplishes two things.  You develop a personal skill which allows you to study the Bible in new ways to gain deep insights while also being able to discuss these insights.  Secondly, you are in a community the will come around you, support you, and encourage you.  The leaders there are willing to step out and help hold you accountable.

What advice would you give to those that are thinking about coming to boot camp?

First of all, come open.  Someone to boot camp for the first time does not realize just how tough the week will be.  There will be convictions that will come through the study and the main sessions.  However, change is not completely possible without the help of accountability.

Also, be willing to put all things outside of Precept’s campus aside.  Come to boot camp ready to be a hundred percent focused on the study and the community.  I remember the first camp I was at, and I was honestly very distracted because it was the summer before college.  I was very excited about going to college and let that distract me from the week at hand.

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