A Covenant On My Behalf

The new covenant made on  my behalf …

A covenant that was in the heart of God from the day He first crafted the dust of the earth into a vessel for Himself and breathed into him the breath of life.

A covenant of undconditional, unfailing, enduring love that would not be rebuffed.

A covenant that would bring security I had never known, a rest I had never found, a certainty I had never dreamed possible.

A covenant that would so absolutely transform me that it would be as if I were a new person, my old life and its destiny a mere shadow compared with my new life of security and confidence.

It was a covenant that had been there all along,
                     understood by men of old,
                     speaking volumes in each symbolic action,
                     saying more than words could contain,
                     from the first trickle of blood spilled upon the earth.

A covenant waiting to be discovered.
A covenant pulsating from a heart of love, broken by the rejection of man, and yet calling you and me throughout the ages to its ultimate expression…
                     a piece of bread broken on our behalf,
                     a cup of blood-red wine poured out for us,
                     a crown of thorns,
                     a scream of agony,
                    wounded hands nailed to a tree,
                                                     and outstretched arms opened wide to
                                                     recieve all who would come.

A covenant strong enough to break the chains of a living hell and to set prisoners free–

                                          free forever

                                                               and ever

                                                                               and ever!


This post was taken from Our Covenant God by Kay Arthur. For more information about Kay and this book please click here 

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