EQUIP Boot Camp 1 (DAY 3)


Sunrises in our peaceful little valley of Chattanooga are a favorite. Seeing such green and lush scenery is a startling image of God’s glory in creation as the warm rays reach through the trees.

Firstly, let’s just say that the campers were so very ready for Day 3! They were finally able to start the chapter studies and dig into the Scriptures on a more narrowed focus, after the tedious process of overviewing the entire letter of Ephesians the day before.

The morning started out quietly with a devotion on Psalm 37, and worship after breakfast. Then came chapter 1 of Ephesians.

Adopted. Chosen. Redeemed.

Those strong words and concepts were worked through as the classrooms studied layer after layer of Ephesians 1, looking at the riches of God’s grace and answering the hard questions of why and how these things are spiritual realities.

One of our favorite things to watch throughout camp is the way the Lord has uniquely put each classroom teacher and the table leaders with each group of students. There was a lot of creativity going on in the different classrooms, and the break area was buzzing quite frequently with the singing assignment in this classroom, and the great discussion in that one.

It is quite safe to say that our love for the campers is growing deep, and that they have begun the sweet process of opening up to both the staff and each other. Thank you for your prayers! Keep it up, because there are still many uncomfortable truths to work through in the book of Ephesians. It will be tempting to hide, but God offers us a great pool of Light where we can fellowship together and celebrate our brokenness being made whole by the Lover of our souls.

While the sports time was full of good sportsmanship and pleasant (but still hot) weather, a flash of lightning came during dinner. The storm that thundered and boomed came to fruition at the end of the night. So right when everyone was about to make the trek to their rooms for the night, a downpour kept us all inside till it passed. But it was a sweet, unexpected time, as the whole camp gathered in two rooms playing games and having conversations.

David Arthur powerfully delivered a message on our identity in Christ in the evening main session, emphasizing the extent that our identity in Him has absolutely nothing to do with us (but everything to do with Him)!

Please pray for the students today as they make the transition into chapter 2, that they would see the gospel that transforms us. We will be focussing on the contrasts of who we were without God, to who we now are. That’s a truth we all need desperately; but more importantly it’s one we need to enter into our circumstances and thoughts and actions! So please join with us in asking the Holy Spirit to teach us all things, to help us see the hope of our calling and the applications of His love toward us.

Thankfully clinging to Him,
The Transform Team

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