EQUIP Boot Camp 2 (Day 2)

As the students and staff gathered on the sports field last night to meet their team and pray over the meal, a T-Rex appeared. No, really. One of our leaders, Kiersten Wells, ran onto the green in a T-Rex costume to greet the students and “break the ice” with a little silliness. Since the first day is shorter, the teams ate together to help the students and staff get to know each other (the room was FILLED with conversation and laughter!). 

One of the cornerstones of the EQUIP Boot Camp day is main session. Our opening speaker was the Director of Leadership Development at Precept, Jeremy Lucarelli. Not only is he an entertaining Italian, but he has a gift of teaching that speaks with challenging clarity. The students walked away with both a list of questions that we will be wrestling with this week through the Scriptures, and also a prayer that captures our heart for this camp. 

None of what we do here is simple – these questions are anything but simple: 

–Who is God? (if someone asked, how would we answer?)
–Who or what is man?
–Who or what is woman?
–How did the earth start (where did all this come from)?
–What is marriage?
–What is sin?
–What is the solution to sin?
–What all does sin affect?
–What is the gospel?

But at the same time, everything we do here is simple. As Jeremy walked us through the Scriptures to see, there is nothing that WE DO. Because it is “God [that] gave the grace, and faith is the means,” as we see in Ephesians 2:8. Said very clearly: “your efforts…do not give you a right standing with God…this is a direct attack on the arrogant Christian. If you read the Bible, it’s pretty clear that you’re not awesome.” 

The students were encouraged that faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of Christ (Romans 10:17). To break things down some more, Jeremy took us to Hebrews 10:36–12:1 to see what faith is and what is needed for it. Two of the biggest is a holy discontentment and a longing for the unseen (see Heb 11:1). The things of our culture like comfort and constant achievement numb us to the things of God, and we are so excited to have a week without technology to spend in the Bible together! 

Please join us today in praying for open hearts as we dive into Genesis 1-3. Pray that the students grow in their desire to look at what are familiar passages of Scripture, and lean into the discomfort of being around people they do not know well and being willing to share their insights. We are so encouraged already to see how engaged the campers are, and this is making our job even more exciting as we pour into them. 

With thanks,
The Transform Team

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