EQUIP Boot Camp 2 (Day 5)

As we get further into the week, students and staff alike are taking naps during room time before sports. But you wouldn’t think ANYONE was tired based on the energy everyone had after ice cream last night, and during the “creation stretches” this morning! We are so grateful to be spending the week with these students, and love them more and more each day. 

While we see great value and joy in spending this time with them, we realize that the real fruit will come when they leave us. The heart of Precept is not that students would have a good camp experience, but that God will change how we live as we respond to the Scriptures. 

David Arthur said last night that “observation and interpretation [the first two steps of inductive Bible study] without application is missing the mark.” Application asks, “what difference does this make?”

“In our culture, image is everything,” David Arthur said, citing statistics on social media, and exploring the idea of pictures as images. The big question: “what are the implications of being made in the image of God?” We took time to consider how that changes our relationships to 1) the Creator, 2) ourselves, and 3) others. 

When we realize that God is the Creator (and not us), we have a practical reason to humble ourselves and fight self-importance. But because God chose us to bear his image, we have worth; and we are His. There are implications to the choices we make in our body, mind, and time (1 Corinthians 3:16-18). The world likes to say that value is conditional (that if you have this or if you can do that, then you are worth something). But “all people are worthy of respect,” David Arthur challenged us; and Christ never condones racism, sexism, gossip, or using people. 

We pray that these applications wake us, that students’ thoughts and hearts will be transformed by the Word. That no camper will believe the lie that an eating disorder is necessary to be attractive, or that it is OK to take advantage of another person to gain respect or status. Our prayer is that we rightly see the Light of men (John 1:4) and reflect Jesus like the moon reflecting the sun’s light. 

One way Transform is seeking to steward our time at camp is to EQUIP the students. We have been training them, and giving them practice leading one of the 40-Minute study series (The Power of Knowing God). As they go into another school year, or off to college, we absolutely want them to be able to feed themselves from the Word of God! But we also know it is invaluable to help them more effectively make disciples. That may sound fancy; but as David Arthur encouraged us last night, it is as simple as serving like a “FedEx guy.”

Please pray that the Lord will keep speaking in His Word as we seek Him! Today we are studying the topic of marriage and gender roles in Genesis 2. Please pray that no matter the pain or confusion, we will all press into the Truth and keep our whole selves engaged in the Scriptures allowing God to work in our hearts. 

Looking to Him,
Transform Team




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