EQUIP Boot Camp 2 (Day 6)

Sports time has been so pleasant with this mild weather, and everyone’s excited energy to enjoy the games. This year we are doing “covenant teams” for sports, which basically means that there are two teams that never oppose each other, and that work together to help each other. A practical reason for this structure is because the teams are co-ed of similar ages, and it would not be fair to put 15 year olds up against 18 year olds during sports time! 

A spiritual reason for the covenant team structure is so that different ages can practice encouraging and celebrating each other, rather than walking in the “hierarchy of power” that the world allows. Speaking of power…the campers won the last game of camper vs. counselor Prison Ball yesterday in a stand off between one student and one staff memeber. But that may be giving the students a false sense of security, because the wildcard game (The Coliseum) is coming today!

Regardless of whether it’s playing games, or having intense discussion, we love getting to see the students grow in their acceptance and kindness towards one another as we study the Scriptures! It seems like a small thing, but we know it is God’s grace to act out our belief that all are equal in His presence. 

Yesterday we studied the topics of gender and marriage from Genesis 2, and Kay Arthur spoke last night to an auditorium separated into girls and guys. She shared from her heart about her testimony in regards to sexual sin, imploring the students that sex is a wonderful thing that must be used as God (its creator) prescribed it for marriage. 

Kay also talked about the spread of conformity within the American church, citing research that reports a doubling in the number of supporters for gay marriage among those who claim evangelical Protestantism as their religion. We talked yesterday about how to speak the truth in love, with care, and concern. Our prayer is that students will continue to be taught by the Spirit how to apply the truths of Scripture about marriage as they consider dating in the future and interacting with people now. 

Please keep praying with us for the students today, as they begin studying Genesis 3 and see the entrance of sin and death into the world. They will also study different passages of Scripture that show some of the history, character, and behavior of Satan. Today has some very difficult questions to struggle through:

— How has doubting God’s Word lead to sin in your life?
— Has breaking a commandment of God ever changed things in your life? Did it just affect you or did it affect others?

Our prayer is that we would have fresh eyes and willing hearts to see the goodness of God, and that the Spirit will identify any areas where the enemy is tempting us to believe lies instead of what God has said. 

With trust and unending hope in Him,
The Transform Team



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