EQUIP Boot Camp 2 (Day 7)

We canNOT believe that it is already Day 7! This camp absolutely could not run smoothly without the incredible staff that help in the background. We are so grateful to the kitchen crew who labor almost round the clock to keep everyone fed, the security crew, and the support staff who help clean day in and day out. Because of them, we are able to focus on relationships with the students and time in Scripture – and that makes all the difference! 

Yesterday’s Coliseum games were epic and exciting (we would tell you more, but we don’t want to ruin the surprise for EQUIP Boot Camp 3!). The students and staff seemed to have a great time, and the Lord allowed the rain to hold off until after the games were finished (so that the sports for the week could wrap up and the final scores could be tallied). Congratulations to Team 8 for winning sports time and we know that their covenant team is grateful to benefit from their win as well (or at least they will be tomorrow when we award them with Krispy Kreme doughnuts!)

The Lord answered our prayers yesterday for willing hearts and vulnerability. We are still praising God for the way He is working to help us submit to His truth, and come to the light through confession, and asking for prayer! 

Kay Arthur taught last night on Genesis 3, looking at the consequences of sin and the resulting suffering. “Everything changes when God’s Word is questioned (Gen 3:1), contradicted (Gen 3:4), and God’s character and intent is questioned (Gen 3:5).” We looked at the fact that there are two spiritual fathers: God the Father of all truth, and Satan the father of lies (John 8:44). In light of that, it is so comforting that the first promise of the Savior also comes in Genesis chapter 3 (verse 15).

Because, “Satan attacked the foundation of everything…that there is a Creator, that He is to be believed, and obeyed,” Kay spoke. She walked us through multiple waves of the feminist movement, weaving together the topics of gender and deception to divide truth from lies. She explained that classical feminism is biblical (that women being unable to own property, vote, or have a particular profession is directly against God’s design of BOTH man and woman being made in His image, and His commandments for man AND woman to rule over the earth (Gen 1:27-28)). 

But the later waves of feminism that aimed at deconstructing marriage and family, embracing casual sex, and claiming that a binary understanding of gender is oppressive are not biblical. They are destructive, just as all sin is destructive. Today we are looking at the topics of sin and temptation, because it is so important to know the difference between the two and how they interact. 

Please pray for the students’ focus and critical thinking as they study the Word today, that the Lord will open the eyes of their hearts as only He can. Also please pray for everyone’s exhaustion – there was a steady rain this morning, and it has not helped the tiredness or nose-sniffles that have been spreading. We are SO thankful to have this full day with the campers, and pray that it is fruitful in His grace. 

To Him who works ALL things for our good and His glory,
The Transform Team





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