Boot Camp 1 Day 5 and 6

Day 5 of Boot Camp 1 was epic. This day was a little different than the rest of the days. They spent the normal day in class and discussed what it means to love biblically. Love has been misunderstood and misused. They sought for answers from the Bible to gain an understanding of what true love really means.  We often believe that love is based on feelings. If it feels good or if it feels right then this is often believed to be true love. The students, however, found the meaning and understanding of true love.

We had a lot of fun for Day 5 as they had an extended free time. They got lots of rest before the big camp activity! Of course, we all know that the camp activity is a major part of the week! Every year, we all can’t wait for this day to come! This year we had a race! It was called “Race Without Regrets” and they raced against time. It was so much fun! The students had a blast and afterwards we had a cookout and ate hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, cokes, and blizzards!

Day 6 is always when campers start getting really tired but we are so proud of them because they desire to know more and more of what God’s Word has to say and how they can apply it to their own lives! They now understand that true love is unconditional and sacrificial. They then dived into the roles of man and woman! Sometimes this is a hard concept to grasp but what really tied it all together was when David Arthur spoke in main session that night!

He discussed that before we can ever “do” we must know the “who” and “how”. Imperatives always rest on the indicative. In other words, commands rest on the truths. He had us walk through Ephesians 1 and 2 and find out who and where we are! So, if you want go through Ephesians 1, 2, and 3. Circle every time you see the phrase “in Christ” (or “in Him”). Ask who you are according to these phrases and how did you get there or where are you? David then discussed how the rest of Ephesians discusses the imperatives.

We know that we are lavished with the blessings and love of God through or in Christ, we can apply Ephesians 5:22-30. Women can submit to their husbands and desire to be the godly helper suitable for him because he is supposed to lavish his sacrificial love towards her as Christ loves the church. This process feeds itself and is cyclical.

Picture example

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It is when sin enters the picture that this cycle is broken.  We ended the night in prayer, watching a video called Crucifixion Type Love, and belting out “In Christ Alone”. We hope that the understanding is that the gospel is proclaimed within the practical daily life of marriage. It was a sweet time.

Continue to pray as we are running with endurance into day 7!

~Transform Team




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