Boot Camp 2 Day 1

It is starting over from square one. Boot camp 1 has come and gone and boot camp 2 is happening now! At this very moment, we are listening to Brooke as she is speaking to us in the first of eight main sessions. This night is always the “awkward” night because some people know each other but most do not. Students come into camp knowing that God is going to work but unsure as to how He is going to work. We anticipate that He is going to work within our hearts as we struggle and wrestle through what we study this week. We expect that there will be brokenness this week. There will be those that come to a spirit of surrender and those that don’t want to let go.

We ask that you pray. We and the students need the prayers of faithful saints, parents, brothers, sisters, and friends. We have an enemy and he does not want us to break through the students’ strongholds; nor does he want us to draw closer to our God! He will do anything to hinder our relationship with our God. We ask that your pray against him and that we all would come to a place where we bend our knees, proclaim that God is God, and come to a biblical understanding of marriage.

~Transform Team



Youth groups coming to learn how to study God’s Word inductively through Transform Student Ministries,

 worldview training from IMPACT360, as well as serving within the community of Chattanooga! Join us!

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I’m super duper excited for week two campers! I am with you in spirit. Be blessed! We are praying for you! I pray God will bless you all manifold and even more than he blessed us week one!

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