Boot Camp 2 Day 2


Day 2 of Boot Camp kick starts the study. We are studying the topic of marriage this week. We pray that the students don’t walk away thinking they can fix others or that they know everything that comes with marriage but they would know God and His desire for their future marriages. The truths that they will be studying are some of the foundations of a biblical marriage.

The students started off studying Genesis 1 and 2 which reveals that God is creator of all including marriage. Marriage is seen in the uniting of a man and woman. Both man and woman were naked and unashamed. Sin had not entered into creation yet when marriage had been defined by God. What we came to understand is that homosexuality was not what God had designed. We studied 1 Corinthians 6 and saw how those who practice homosexuality will not enter the kingdom of heaven. What we also understand from that verse was that it many more will not inherit the kingdom of heaven including fornicators, idolaters, adulterers, effeminate, thieves, the covetous, drunkard, revilers, or swindlers. Many of us could find ourselves within this list but the hope that we see in this verse is that it states “such were some of you” (italics added). In fact, if you think about it all of these on the list would hinder anyone from having a healthy biblical marriage. Sin is sin and one is not greater than the other.

David Arthur brought the message at the main session and asked them, “What makes you a Christian?” He wondered how they would answer someone. It is easy to get into the habit to say “I don’t do this or this or this” but that is not necessarily the correct way of answering that question. The answer is holiness. God is holy therefore I am to be holy. How can they do this though? Matthew states that we are to be perfect because our Heavenly Father is perfect. What they found out is that they can’t do it within themselves. Jesus took on our sin. In a sober spirit, David stated that Jesus knew no sin but became sin on our behalf. That means that Jesus became the liar. Jesus became the wife abuser.  Jesus became the child molester. Jesus became the homosexual. He did this so that He would take the wrath of God on our behalf so that through Him we could be seen as perfect. With that in mind, we were all in sober spirit as we realized that there is nothing that makes us better than anyone else except Jesus.

We ask that you continue to pray as students study the permanence of marriage in Day 3. This will be a hard topic to discuss as well. Yet, we all need to understand how God had designed marriage and how sin affects marriage.

~Transform Team



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