Boot Camp 2 Day 3


What we discussed on Day 2 could never be more relevant to our students as today. It is easy for us, as believers, to focus on the sin of homosexuality. However, we know that there are many more sins that we deal with that will receive the same consequences as those who practice homosexuality regularly without conviction.

Permanence of marriage was the topic that was discussed on Day 3. God’s design for a biblical marriage was that it would be permanent. Students looked at how sin has affected marriages. Adultery, fornication, and ultimately divorce are issues that have affected marriage. We all struggle with these issues because we are all affected by them and they hurt. We encouraged the students to wrestle with many of these issues and that many of the questions that they have will eventually be answered through His Word.

David’s message was live streamed and everything went well! David discussed God’s faithfulness even though his bride had been faithless. We saw that the gospel is the foundation for marriage! We will continue to look at this as the week goes on!

~Transform Team



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