Boot Camp 2 Day 6 and 7

The roles of man and woman have been marred by the lasting effects of sin. Day 6 the students walked through Scriptures to find out what God had to say about these roles. Coming from this current culture, the students had trouble at times with the Scriptures. For example, in our culture today the phrase, “the wife should submit to her husband”, doesn’t go very well. The word, submit, has a bad connotation. However, we can’t place our current understanding and cultural influences on such words because they weren’t viewed in the same way as when they were written. When they studied Ephesians 5, however, they saw that women were to submit everything to their husbands as Christ submitted to the Father. They also saw that men were to love their wives as Christ loved the church.  Biblically, this is how love is manifested in a marriage relationship and it is how love is marred when we look to our own ways of doing marriage. Here are some great pictures to represent what we discussed:


As you see, from the beginning man was created first and woman was created from man. Woman was a suitable helper for man but was no less than man nor higher than man. When a man and woman marry they become one flesh and man becomes the head of the woman. The man takes care of the woman and loves her as his own body and as Christ loves the church. The woman submits to the man as the church submits to Christ. This, in itself, is a presentation of the Gospel.  It is when we bring in sin that these roles are maimed. Day 7 put it together for the students as they saw who exemplified the model of these different roles. That model is Christ for both roles.


How amazing it is to see that everything that God has done was to reveal the glory of His name! David Arthur closed Day 7 out with a talk on how we know that we are saved. He opened it up though in Luke 24 where Jesus walks with the two disciples and then sits down opens the Scriptures, starting with what Moses had written, then through all the prophets and all the rest of Scripture showed how it all was about Himself. For example, the book of Judges would reveal that Israel would need a Judge that would never die and 1 Kings would reveal that they need a righteous King! All of Scripture is about Jesus! This is what marriage is about as well. Marriage is not about us but about Jesus! Through our marriages we either proclaim or deny the name of Jesus! We pray that the students truly get this! Have discussions with them when they come home!

~Transform Team



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