Boot Camp Day 1

BOOT CAMP IS HERE!!! Oh my goodness, we are so excited that the campers have finally arrived! We have been preparing for these weeks for months and know that God will be working  among the campers.

Do you remember those first days of summer camps? The awkward tension of not knowing what to do? Moments when you realize that you have left everything comfortable at home and now in a place that is unknown? Or, maybe it was times of excitement and joy! You got to see friends you haven’t seen since last year! Anticipation within your heart for the expectancy of God and His Word!

We love it!

So take some time and look through the pictures. Find your kid, friend, cousin, or whoever! Pray for those you see and ask that God would reveal Himself to them! Finally, remember that we will be LIVESTREAMING Kay’s message on June 16th at 8 p.m. eastern time!


Registration craziness!




Something was funny


Talking it over


Happy to be here


Getting registered


Lindsey is having a good time registering students!


Talking with friends


Chris and Sarah Beth are at the door ready to welcome campers into Kinser!


I see him thinking


All smiles


Guys talking and getting to know each other




Lovin every minute


He is excited to be here


Its just a cool shot


Something is special about this picture


A person is representing every team from team 1 to team 10


Finding their teams


TEAM 1!!!!



Foundations Camp


Youth groups coming to learn how to study God’s Word inductively through Transform Student Ministries,

 worldview training from IMPACT360, as well as serving within the community of Chattanooga! Join us!

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