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Just a few short months ago we wrote blogs introducing our fantastic 2016 ENGAGE interns, sharing a bit of their stories with you. We were filled to overflowing with anticipation for all that the Lord would do in and through them as they lived on the Precept campus for 10 weeks.

Not to spoil the surprise, but the Lord gifted us more than we could have thought or asked for with this group of truly special interns! So we want to take the time and share with you what God has done this summer with and in each of the ENGAGE interns to

— encourage your faith
— give you more insight into the ENGAGE internship
— spur you on to excitement for what God does to shape our hearts when we seek Him
— show you the transformation and life change the interns experienced through Scripture and community


Ultimately, my story is about how God is constantly saving me from myself.” Brydon told us in her story of God’s grace towards her in May, and we testified to all that we have seen God doing in the years that she has been coming to Precept Ministries International.

We all need saving from ourselves. That’s at the heart of the gospel, and ultimately the heart of walking with and listening to Jesus daily. How are you doing at handing yourself over to the saving and shaping hands of God, friend?

It’s not easy or comfortable; but it’s so necessary. Brydon not only recognized that as she looked forward to the ENGAGE internship this summer, she also said:

I was expecting to be challenged and to be personally stretched this summer, but what I was not expecting was to be so encouraged and EQUIPPED by such practical learning and discussion.

Practical learning. Practical discussion. Those are big statements, especially in a world that seems filled with philosophical conversations about theology, politics, and everything in between. But what was practical about Brydon’s experience?

I especially loved being a counselor during our two sessions of EQUIP Boot Camp, teaching students what the book of Ephesians says about our identity and calling in Christ. I also learned what it means to be dependent upon the Lord for true transformation and saw firsthand how impactful it is not just to study biblical truth but also to teach it. It was incredibly humbling and rewarding.

In the middle of the ENGAGE internship, the interns had the opportunity to put feet, hands, minds, words, and all their interaction time of the day into practicing what they learned, as they got the chance to pour out into others.

I didn’t just fall in love with a ministry, but I have become inspired with a mission that I know will last because it centers around Christ Jesus and what he has called me to do with my life. No matter where I go or what I do or who I end up with I will use these things I have learned to influence the people around me and be a leader in my community.

Can we just say that we are SO proud of Brydon, and all the interns?! They stepped up to the demanding standards and rigorous schedule of our summer camps, and led not only themselves well, but were examples to the rest of the camp staff, and to the campers.

That doesn’t mean that they were perfect, OR that they gave the illusion of perfection. There were many days where Brydon openly confessed things she was struggling with to the staff, and asked for prayer in group settings. In a word, she humbled herself; and she sought the good of the campers, and the glory of God above her own comfort. It was a beautiful thing to witness.

It has been encouraging to experience such a strong and unified community this summer. My dream is that every faith community would reach its potential in unity and teaching of the word. I am so excited about what the future holds for Precept Ministries International and the lives they are impacting every day.

It’s so easy to look back at a season where we had great community, and turn it into an idol, where it has the power to poison our attitude towards current circumstances. But the Lord calls us to continue to do good in the land we are dwelling in, to “cultivate faithfulness” like a careful gardener (Psalm 37:3). What did Brydon ultimately take with her from the ENGAGE internship that will help her to apply that Scripture?

It has been an incredible summer of community that has encouraged me, discipleship that has strengthened me, and training that has equipped me in my leadership skills and in my walk with Jesus Christ.

I sense the growth that has happened to me this summer, and I have confidence to be a leader in my community in ways that I never felt equipped before this internship.

Praising Him,
Brydon and the Transform Team


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