Camp 1, Day 3

We’re off and running here on day three. Students are in the classroom this morning from 8:45-12:45 working through a chapter study in 1 Corinthians 1. We’re using the Precept Upon Precept study but also trying to reinforce the use of the method to the students. What we’ve found is that simply following the instructions doesn’t usually transfer an ownership of the method itself to the students. In other words, they would have a hard time doing a study of epistle on their own just because they’ve done some PUPs covering epistles. That’s why we’re trying to reinforce the use of the inductive study method, how to do an overview, how to do a chapter study, how to…

That’s another thing that makes bootcamp so unique; we have a desire to equip the saints for the work of service, not just teach them about the truth for the eight days they’re with us. That’s also why we ask the students to serve while they’re here, cleaning rooms, and taking turns doing KP at our meal times. That’s an area I want to ask for prayer. Our staff has noticed some complaining from some campers when they’re asked to serve others. Pray for a heart change! Servant leadership is a mark that should distinguish us as believers!

We had another great worship service last night. Kay taught…well most of the New Testament. She specifically focused on the life of Paul, from his persecution of the Church, to his salvation, to his death. The point was that this is what the life of a person who is living for God’s kingdom and not his own looks like! Here are some characteristics of Paul’s life that Kay pointed out last night:

  1. He was submissive to God’s will
  2. He was no respecter of persons
  3. He was willing to earnestly contend for the faith
  4. He was “crucified with Christ”
  5. He was faithful in the little things (challenging students to be faithful in the small things before being prepared for places of leadership)

So far, everyone is healthy, and camp is going well by most accounts. Please pray for:

  • Hearts sensitive to God’s Word and the Holy Spirit
  • Protection, both physically and spiritually
  • Unity across the camp – students and leaders
  • A willingness among all to serve


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