Camp 1, Day 4


Greetings from day four of bootcamp 1. We had another great day yesterday, and our staff feels like the Holy Spirit is here and His works are evident. One way we’ve seen that is through some students who are struggling. The vast majority of students here with us are excited and energetic about everything that is going on. But there are some who are in a mental and spiritual battle. They are believers who are struggling to reconcile their identity in Christ with their lifestyle (see the Corinthian church) or are still outside of a relationship with Christ.

We look for and pray for these students at camp. And this is where our staff is recognizing the work of the Holy Spirit; in orchestrating relationships by putting strategic campers and counselors in their lives, tailoring parts of the messages for them uniquely, and using His Word to instruct. One thing that stuck in my mind about these campers is something that Kay said last night. She said that God sends us into people’s lives with His message (the Gospel) so that they may repent and be saved or so that they will be without excuse. Will you pray that these students will demonstrate repentance and find salvation where needed so that they will not simply be found without excuse?

The sense of fellowship here at camp is growing. This is another unique aspect of camp, the fact that these students from all over the country connect with each other so quickly and deeply. They may not recognize it, but those connections are due to the fellowship of the Holy Spirit inside of them. Let me remind you too, that you are a part of a much larger body, the Body of Christ. And in this Body, you have an adopted Father in God and very many brothers and sisters, quite a large extended family in fact! The students find great peace and joy in this relationship, as we all should.

Kay spoke again last night, the last of her messages here at camp one. The students LOVE listening to her and spending time with her after the main sessions. We had to run them off and back to their rooms last night because it got so late, but Kay promised to come down during a free time or two so that she could talk to them individually and take MANY pictures.

Please pray for:

  • Energy, for the staff and students. We’re hitting the point in camp where fatigue can become a factor for everyone.
  • The students who are struggling.
  • Deepening relationships between students and staff.
  • Our times of classroom discussion, that the students would be led to application of the Scriptures that would set the course of their lives.




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Praying for Boot Campers and the staff that is loving them! We have 19 there from Meade! Praise God! May it be a mighty time for all involved!

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