Camp 2, Day 4


It’s hard to believe, but we’re almost at the midpoint of camp 2 already. Today is day four, and as I write this update the students are in their classrooms (from 8:45-12:45) studying 1 Corinthians 2. This classroom time really is the focal point of each day at camp which tells you of our belief in the power of God to move on the hearts of men through His Word. Bootcamp isn’t fancy at all! Our philosophy is to gather a bunch of like-minded believers together, have a little fun, and spend a lot of time in God’s Word. And we’ll give God all the glory for the fruit we see produced because He’s the one who causes the growth!

Kay taught through chapter 1 last night in the main session, her third night in a row speaking to the camp. Her message really was led by the Spirit to speak directly into the lives of the campers and many of the things they’re dealing with right now. Here’s a summary of the points she addressed through the Scriptures with the group last night:

  1. If you’re a true Christian, you are a saint by calling.
  2. Grace and peace are yours for the taking.
  3. Divisions in the body (of Christ) just won’t do; they are a sign that something is wrong.
  4. You have the wisdom of God.
  5. You are chosen by God, so consider your calling.

She really stressed the grace of God repeatedly last night. Why? As we get to know these campers better, we’re finding that many of them are really struggling with isolation, failures, assurance of salvation, and the list goes on. This is not uncharacteristic of people in general, but this camp much more than the last one seems to be in a fight for their minds.

Here are some things to pray through for us. And again, I can’t stress to you how much we appreciate your prayers, knowing that the power of God is unleashed through them!

  • That the campers would know what it is to have the mind of Christ.
  • For a true sense of fellowship to continue to grow here at camp.
  • That this camp as a whole would understand the grace of God and the freedom they have in Christ.
  • That the campers’ lives would match their identity in Christ. Spiritual maturity – that they would not walk as men of flesh as infants in Christ.
  • That they would follow after God no matter what their emotions tell them.

Your co-laborer in Christ,


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I am praying for you all, in particular, that these campers would have the mind of Christ, that they would truly understand their identity in Christ, and that they would stand strong in the spiritual battle that the Enemy wages against them. Amen!

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