Camp 2, Day 6

I think guy/girl night went well again at this camp. The students were alert and attentive despite the fact that we’ve been driving them hard all week and held them in the sessions for nearly three hours last night. I think the more we can pour into their lives concerning family matters, relationships, and even parenting, the better! Our heart is to see God do 2 things with these students concerning these matters: bring healing where family has been more a source of pain and division than love and to see the ones who have Godly families not take them for granted. We want these students to learn from both the good and bad examples they see in the family lives around them so that they can emulate the good ones and avoid the pitfalls of the broken ones.

Youth ministry in general can be a beneficial thing in my opinion (or else I wouldn’t do it!). But when it comes down to it, the family is God’s design to care for younger generations and pass the Gospel down to them! Youth ministry crosses a Biblical line whenever it takes the place of a Gospel-centered family. And on the flip-side, parents cannot justify turning over the spiritual training of their children to churches and/or Para-church organizations!

The students are studying 1 Corinthians 4 today in the classroom. David Lawson will be teaching from this chapter tonight in the main session. We’re cancelling sports time for the next two days because of the heat. Instead, we’ll take a longer rest time after lunch and extend team time as well.

The Lord has brought a specific Scripture up a few times in various settings the last couple of days – 2 Peter 1:2-7. I think God is trying to communicate 2 specific things in this passage to this group of students:

  1. They have been granted everything pertaining to life and Godliness
  2. They must apply themselves in “all diligence”

In short, I think God wants them to know that they are completely equipped to live a Godly life in Christ Jesus, but their role is to apply themselves diligently, to work at it! May they, and we, understand this delicate balance!

Things to pray for:

  • A “true knowledge” of God and the scripture mentioned above.
  • Safety in this oppressive heat
  • That God would win the battle that continues to rage for the mind/heart of this camp
  • That our staff would have/practice wisdom, discernment, and love


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Hallelujah! We will keep praying! Yesterday, as I continued to pray for Boot Camp 2, the Lord had me pray in the Spirit. As I did so, tears streamed down my face. After a couple of hours, a sense of peace entered in, and I knew to keep praying for the Lord is breaking down strongholds of hurt, pain, rejection, and all the lies the enemy and the world has hurled at these young adults. This morning, the prayers focused on building a strong and sure foundation that cannot be moved. Great joy will come when they realize how to daily connect with Jesus and stay connected no matter the circumstance. This is a great work…with great future dividends!!! Blessings!


Praying for these students and the camp leaders as well!

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