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As a part of the Transform Student Ministries team, our mission is to establish people in God’s Word. As you read earlier this week about students and their stories of how their lives have been changed through learning to study the Bible, I’d love to take a minute to share my story of how I got connected with Transform Student Ministries and what role it has played in my life.

Established in God’s Word? For me this wasn’t always the case. Even though I was born in the South and the majority of people I knew owned a copy of the Bible, establishment in the scriptures was far from the lives of many, including myself.  I grew up with an understanding of the gospel, but my knowledge was just that: knowledge. No relationship. I knew very little about the rest of the Bible and what it actually taught, let alone the power it had to transform my life.

It wasn’t until I was in college that all this changed for me. I was lost and in search of forgiveness and freedom from my sin and the guilt and shame that relentlessly followed. I remember crying out one night to God for Him to save me. He did just that! He called me out of darkness and into the kingdom of His Son. I became a new creation (2 Corinthians 5:17) with a new heart (Ezekiel 36:26), but man I desperately needed my mind to be renewed with the truth. I had years of wrong thinking and ways contrary to God that seemed to be engrained in me. The establishing process needed to begin!

Within a few months of becoming a Christian, I was introduced to a method of studying the Bible by a couple I worked with. In their search for good Bible study materials, they had discovered Precept Ministries and the inductive Bible study method.  The first study we did together was “LORD, Give Me A Heart For You.” They came alongside me to help establish me in truth and to help me grow me in my relationship with God.

Reflecting back on the days as a brand new believer, I remember the power of seeing what the Bible said for the first time and how applicable it was for the situations I found myself in. The scriptures transformed the way that I viewed circumstances and revealed a different way I should respond to things. Time and time again, I was blown away by the riches of God and the mysteries of this relationship with Christ as I studied the Bible for myself.

About two years went by and I was encouraged by this couple to apply for Boot Camp staff. To be honest, I was scared because I had never done anything like this before. The thought of going to a Bible camp without knowing anyone was nerve racking! However, I was accepted and came during the summer of 2008 where we studied the Precept Upon Precept, study of the book James. I remember walking through the study together with the students and having the “light bulbs” go off in my mind and I could see it their eyes too. It was an amazing experience! I was forever hooked!

Learning to studying inductively truly rooted me in my faith and established me in truth. I am where I am today because of God’s grace and the firm foundation I discovered to be secure in the Bible. I hunger to learn all that I can about God and sincerely want to apply my life to all that scripture teaches. It started with a couple who led an inductive Bible study and challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and it’s opened up doors to come on staff and do what I love full-time, which is helping people discover truth for themselves. Since that summer, I have served at various student events and participated in Transform’s Intern Program.  I have fallen in love with the heart of this ministry to see people live as exemplary followers of Jesus Christ who are established in God’s Word and sharing this vision with others!

  If you’ve been around Transform Student Ministries the past couple of years, you’ve probably met Carlotta! Carlotta has been aconference/camp staffer, office volunteer, summer intern, teacher/mentor, and recently came on staff full-time as Transform’s Special Programs Coordinator  Carlotta’s love for the Lord is contagious, and being around her makes you want to know more about her Savior. 


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