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Pursuing Kindness

  I work with children, and one thing that I find myself repeating on a daily basis is “be kind.”  As I observe and interact with them, I notice that for the most part they need positive reinforcement in the kindness department when it comes to playing with me or other children. It’s something we’ve more »

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She Was Sovereignly Placed In My Life For A Reason

Lately, I have had several conversations over meals and coffee with friends about the importance of friends. I will be completely honest and say that I have never had difficulty making new friends. However, with that being said, it wasn’t until the past few years after leaving high school that I realized getting along with more »

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Gluttony: More Than Just Food…

Do you think we would make better decisions if we stopped and asked ourselves “why?” more often? You may be thinking, “It’s just one day. What’s the big deal?” I hear you, friend, and don’t worry I am not writing this to lay down a new set of laws, or ruin the fun of a more »

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