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Wisdom and Decision-Making

Have you ever wondered if you’re making the right decision? When you’re choosing between two good things and there is no sin involved, how do you know what to do? This summer, our family is moving from Georgia to Texas for my husband’s new job. Big life changes like these are inevitably followed by a more »

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Jesus: The Veil Torn

When coming before God in prayer or worship, do you ever wonder if He hears you? As His children, are we truly worthy to enter the throne room of the holy King of kings? These are worthy questions to be asked and, gratefully, the author of Hebrews addresses! Therefore, brothers, since we have confidence to more »

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Hope Midst Evil

  Do you ever wonder why bad things happen to “good people?” Have you ever been in an unjust or painful situation and questioned God’s goodness? Lately I’ve wrestled with feeling overwhelmed by the amount of evil going on around us. It can be discouraging to see its power in the world, even as it more »

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