Category: Mission and Vision

Kay’s Message for Transform

  WHAT’S COMING?   Have you stopped, my friend, to consider the future of this nation you are living in? What do you think it will look like in the next 5 or 10 years?    If you are a teenager or a person in your 20’s, does the future look hopeful or scary?   more »

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Ryan’s Life Transformed

                                         This morning as I drove into work, I was hit afresh with fond memories of Boot Camp. It’s hard to forget about the life-changing moments and friendships Boot Camp helps create. I can still remember more »

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Our Mission and Vision

    Have you ever seen a student read the Bible and get so excited about the truths they are discovering that they shout out loud in class, “I get it! I get it! Have you ever seen a young person who is struggling with the purpose or value of their life transform into a more »

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